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Routine Scoring

1.         Judges Awards:
Judges shall award scores from 0 - 10, with one-tenth point increments for technical merit and for artistic impression.  All judgments are made from a standpoint of perfection.

2.         Judging of the routine begins with the entry into the water.  If a routine starts in the water, judging begins with the accompaniment.

3.         At the completion of each routine, each of the Judges shall record both technical merit and artistic impression scores on paper and shall hand this to a Runner.  When the Referee determines that all Runners have received their scores, the Referee shall signal for the technical merit scores to be flashed simultaneously or read by the announcer.  Upon a second signal from the Referee, the artistic impression scores shall be flashed simultaneously or read by the announcer.

            An alternate scoring method may be used.  When the referee determines that all runners have received the scores, the referee shall signal for the start of the next routine.  Scores from routine #1 shall be read upon completion of routine #2 and the swimmer(s) shall be introduced at that time.  This procedure shall be followed throughout the event.

4.         Routine Scoring:

Technical Merit

                                                                                                    Solo           Duet/Trio/Team

Execution of stroke, figures and                              50                       40
parts thereof, transitions, propulsion

techniques, precision of patterns

Synchronization one with the other                          10                       30
and with the music

Difficulty of strokes, figures and                             40                       30
parts thereof, patterns

Artistic Impression
Choreography, variety, creativity, pool                    50                       50
coverage, patterns, transitions.

Music Interpretation, use of music                          20                       30

Manner of Presentation                                         30                       20


5.         Routine Scoring

Perfect                                   10.0

Near Perfect                           9.5 to 9.9

Excellent                                 9.0 to 9.4

Very Good                              8.0 to 8.9

Good                                      7.0 to 7.9

Competent                              6.0 to 6.9

Satisfactory                            5.0 to 5.9

Deficient                                4.0 to 4.9

Weak                                     3.0 to 3.9

Very Weak                            2.0 to 2.9

Hardly Recognizable               0.1 to 1.9

Completely Failed                  

NOTE: BONUS POINTS In the case of team competition, one-quarter point shall be added for each additional competitor over four on a team.


1.         One-half Point Penalties:

a.         If one or more competitors fail to begin and/or finish with the accompaniment.

b.         Exceeds 10 seconds limit for deck movements.

c.         Exceeds specified time limit for routine (Rule IV, M.2.).

d.         If one or more competitors interrupt the routine during deck movements and makes a new start.  (If of technical nature, no penalty.)

2.         One Point Penalties:

a.         For failure to end routine in the water.

b.         For each infraction for deliberate walking on the bottom of the pool up to a maximum of 2 points per routine.

c.         For each infraction of deliberate contact with the pool deck, up to a maximum of two points per routine.

d.         For each infraction for deliberate use of the bottom of the pool to assist another swimmer(s) up to a maximum of 2 points per routine.

3.         Two Point Penalty:  A competitor who competes out of the order of draw shall be given a penalty of 2 points off the total score except for unusual circumstances, as determined by the Referee.

4.         Disqualification:

a.         Failure to complete the routine after entering the water, unless caused by circumstances beyond the control of the competitor.  Loss of swimwear or swimming aid is considered the responsibility of the competitor.

b.         Failure to notify the Scoring Chair and/or the Event Referee, in writing, before swimming, of all changes or scratches will result in the disqualification of the routine.

c.         A team shall consist of at least four (4) but not more than eight (8) competitors.  The number of team members may not increase between the preliminary and Semifinal event or the Semifinal and Final event, or between Technical and Free Routines.