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Figures Rules

A.         Each competitor shall be tested only once in Figure Competition.

B.         All competitors shall wear only one-piece black suit/s, devoid of school emblems.  All competitors wearing swim caps must wear a plain white cap devoid of school emblem.  Jewelry is not allowed.

C.        Figures shall be performed in the order listed in the figure group unless otherwise designated in rules for more than one set of judges.

**D.     Figure Competition shall consist of four figures.  These figures are:

  • R/L Ballet Leg, single, *right or *left  
  • Barracuda             
  • Tower          
  • Walkover, Front  

*  A single draw will be held just prior to the figure competition to determine whether right leg or left leg, will be required.

E.         Each competitor must have two (2) typewritten entry sheets for dual meets and four (4) sheets for triangular meets.  Entry sheets are due to the referee immediately upon arrival at the host school, (at least one half hour before the meet).

F.         Each school may enter any number of competitors.

G.        Order of swim shall be determined by random draw.

H.        Competitors scores are ranked from highest to lowest.  Points are awarded to the top seven competitors.

1st place - 8    2nd place - 6   3rd place - 5    4th place - 4

5th place - 3    6th place - 2    7th place – 1

In the event of a tie the points awarded for that place and the place after it are added together,

divided by two and each competitor is awarded that score.

The winner is the school with the greatest number of accumulated varsity points.

I.          Performance of the figure shall begin on a signal from the referee.

J.          If the competitor does not understand the name of the announced figure, the competitor must ask the referee for a repeat announcement before actually beginning the figure (see Rule VII, A.1.e. & f.).  Failure of the competitor to understand the announced figure shall not be sufficient reason for claiming a balk or false start.