You may have heard it said, “My country, right or wrong.” While this phrase may be familiar to many Americans, it is not at all what the 19th century preacher wrote! Rather, he said, “My country when right, to keep right, and when wrong, to set right.”

Clearly, one has to know what is right not only to preserve what is right, but also to correct what is wrong. Our long-term vision, therefore, must be to make sure that both we and our children know what is right! We must heed the warning, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

In order to glorify God in the whole spectrum of life, and have an influence on our society, we must be willing to learn and practice the right worldview.

Therefore, we have adopted an expressly Christian worldview. From the Bible, we have drawn the principles that govern our work—equipping Christians as statesmen, and mobilizing them to advance the Christian solution in a nation that has turned away from her Christian faith.

Understanding that the forces of unbelief and pluralism have labored diligently to divorce America from her Christian heritage and from God’s law, and grieving that America has rejected the Lordship of Christ, we rise to declare that Almighty God is the source of all power and authority in civil government, that Christ is the Ruler of the nations, and that the Bible as the revealed will of God is the final authority in civil government. This is the foundation of the Christian solution. This is our Worldview.

God’s Word is Truth, and therefore, His Word forms and shapes our worldview- that is, what we believe about God, man, and government. It’s out of this worldview that our principles are developed, which are also derived from the Scriptures. A principle is defined as “the cause, source and origin of a thing,” and therefore, our principles reflect the foundation of a Christian worldview.

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