Answers to Objections #1

Post date: Dec 07, 2016 6:27:3 PM

Apr 3, 2011 by Buddy Hanson

Answers to Common Objections will be a new column featured each Monday on Explicitly Christian Politics for the next six months. These answers were written by Buddy Hanson and published in the appendix of his book, The Christian Civil Ruler’s Handbook. Buddy has written a number of books on applying God’s Word to culture, civil-government and politics and we are grateful for the answers he gives to common objections we hear all the time. Check out his website here.

Objection #1: “I don’t want to have anything to do with politics or with reforming culture, because they are corrupted by sin.”

This is a very curious objection. First, people say, “Christians should have nothing to do with politics.” Then they say, “It is corrupt and is inhabited by untrustworthy people.” The question that begs to be asked of such people is, “What kind of behavior do you expect when the public square is left to non-Christians?” Since it is impossible to separate one’s religion (ethics) from one’s day-to-day decisions, shouldn’t our concern be about “corrupting culture with righteousness,” rather than letting non-Christians “corrupt culture by their unrighteous and sinful ethics?” Yes, politics is dirty, but so are business, law, education and every other activity. It’s part of the human condition known as sin.