Studies in Christian Statesmanship

In keeping with our overall mission we have embarked on the first step of equipping thousands of Christian families by launching a program called: Studies in Christian Statesmanship™.

In this program, families will be equipped to become godly citizens and competent statesmen as they both learn and practice the truths and principles of God’s Word as it applies to the family, the church, and the nation—indeed, to all of life.

Our fervent prayer is that God will use this program to help “enlighten the understanding…that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works” (II Timothy 3.17), and that these works may be manifested in our homes, our churches and our nation.

A Curriculum Designed for the Family

Studies in Christian Statesmanship™ is an educational program designed to teach the long-neglected science (principles) and art (practice) of Christian statesmanship. The chief medium of instruction will be videotaped lectures and reading materials.

While this curriculum was specifically designed to scholastically qualify those who seek to become CLP leaders and candidates for public office, it is also especially useful for any citizen seeking to glorify God in the public arena.

A Curriculum with Four Fields of Study

The SCS curriculum is divided into four fields of study (something like four departments in college, or four majors). The four fields of study are:

Studies in Principle

These studies are the core component of the curriculum. They lay the foundation of a Christian world- and life-view through the study of seven vital subject areas and their corresponding Biblical principles.

Studies in Party

This track acquaints the student with the Christian Liberty Party, orienting him to its distinctives, its Digest of Principles, Comprehensive Vision and organizational documents. Finally, it looks at political movements and parties in world history and throughout the world today.

Studies in Leadership

These courses equip individuals with a knowledge of the principles of leadership and associated necessary skills such as the basics of parliamentary law.

Studies in Public Service

This part of the curriculum will focus on studies related to magistrates (civil leaders) such as the doctrine of interposition and primers on county and state governments, as well as studies in federalism.

Because we regard the Studies in Principle as the core of our curriculum, we have developed this field first.

Within each field, several subjects (courses) will be offered. Under Studies in Principle, there are seven subjects: Worldview, Law, Citizenship, Government, Apologetics, Historyand Nations.

Each of these subjects is based on corresponding Biblical principles such as sovereignty, authority, stewardship, faith, government, providence and accountability—principles which form the foundation of a curriculum reflecting a comprehensive Christian world- and life-view.

A Curriculum with Four Levels of Study

While the curriculum has four fields of study, each field has up to four progressive levels of study. Each level prepares the student for the next.

Level One

This Introductory level gives a general introduction to each subject. Studies in Principle, Introductory Level, is presented in seven one-hour videos and a companion text, First Steps to Statesmanship. County party leaders need to complete Level One.

Level Two

This Basic level expands on the introductory material to further develop fundamental principles and skills. Under Studies in Principle at this level, for example, each subject involves three one-hour videos and a selected text by a well-known author.

These first two levels of training are required of CLP state and national leaders and those who desire to run for county public office under our party banner.

Level Three

This Intermediate level, while open to all, is especially for those who want to prepare for active public service at the state level. The lectures cover about six video hours for each subject, plus reading material.

Level Four

The Advanced level will cover a wide body of knowledge and application for those who desire to run for federal elective office.

Before we can fully realize the impact of the gospel within our nation’s life and culture, a broad base of Christian families must be prepared to lead the way. It is the transformed individual and family, discipled according to Christian principles, who are the key to our national reformation. (See II Timothy 3:15-17.)

This is why the first two levels of the curriculum are specifically designed for the working family, offering many their first training in the systematic application of the Biblical perspective to government and society.

Further, it is especially the first two levels of the Studies in Principle that will provide individuals and families with the skills and knowledge to become “repairers of the breach” (Isaiah 58:12) and bring the much-needed Christian solution to our land.


The entire curriculum will be filmed and produced as a video library, which will be an extraordinary resource for all, including home-schoolers.

Each lecture is professionally recorded and duplicated onto videotapes. In addition, each lecture or set of lectures has accompanying reading material.

To order SCS materials, call 888-396-6247.

Scholastic Credit

Testing and credit at each step of the study is obligatory for potential CLP leaders and nominees for public office, and optional for all other students.

To order a packet of information on scholastic accreditation, please call 888-396-6247.


Voter Clubs

Following the legacy and example of Abraham Kuyper and the Anti-Revolutionary Party, a Christian political party of Holland in the late 1800’s, we have begun the establishment of CLP Voter Clubs across America.

Local CLP Voter Clubs are the focal point for activities relating to equipping Christians as statesmen, mobilizing godly citizens and advancing Christian solutions.

Here, local members and friends study Biblical principles of self government and civil government, prepare themselves for leadership opportunities, both party and public, and serve their communities as salt and light for Jesus Christ.

Through the development of this study program and the formation of CLP Voter Clubs, we have set our course to aid in the reformation of the American nation by equipping godly citizens and competent statesman.

Our Faculty

We have enlisted the help of nationally known teachers, masters in their fields, who will show us the first steps we can take to begin repairing the breach in America. The following are the faculty members who teach Studies in Principle, Levels 1 and 2:

Rev. R.C. Sproul, Jr., who teaches Worldview, is the Director of the Highland Study Center, Editor of Tabletalk magazine and a pastor.

Dr. Herb Titus, who teaches Law, is a leading scholar on Constitutional Law and the author of several books, including God, Man and Law: The Biblical Principles.

Daniel Eby, who teaches Citizenship, is the present National Chairman of the Christian Liberty Party and is a small businessman in Leavenworth, Washington.

Rev. Chris Strevel, who teaches Apologetics, is the pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Buford, Georgia and head of Geneva Academy, a Christian school for grades 6 through 12.

James B. Rose, who teaches Government, is the President of the American Christian History Institute. He is the author of A Guide to American Christian Education for the Home and School.

Dr. Marshall Foster, who teaches History, is the President of the Mayflower Institute. He is the author of The American Covenant.

Stephen McDowell, who teaches Nations, is the President of Providence Foundation. He has co-authored several books, including America’s Providential History and Liberating the Nations.

Additional faculty members teaching various levels of the curriculum are as follows:

Dr. Tom Rose will teach the Economics section of Citizenship and the first of our Studies in Public Service courses. He is the founder of American Enterprise Publications. He is the author of several books, including How to Succeed in Business and Reclaiming the American Dream.

Dr. Joe Morecraft, who will teach History, is the founding pastor of Chalcedon Presbyterian Church (RPCUS) in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1986 he was a candidate for the U.S. Congress in the 7th Congressional District of Georgia. He is the author of several books, including With Liberty and Justice For All.