Explicitly Christian Politics, or ECP, expresses an idea, a principle for our times, which points to Christ as the source of Liberty for both men and nations. Unlike conservatism, constitutionalism, or libertarianism, ECP provides the essential antithesis, the antidote, to socialism and every other form of unbelieving political philosophy. This is because only explicitly Christian politics can address socialism’s unbelieving roots.

The first chapter of Colossians provides the believer powerful insight with stunning implications for human political systems and philosophy:

”For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him, and for Him:”

That is to say, all power, all government, and all authority, is Christ’s, whether public or private, earthly or heavenly. Imagine Christ reigning over every business, every organization and every seat of government! This is truly the foundation of political liberty.

For the believer, then, explicitly Christian politics is not optional but a matter of integrity. ECP is our test: of faith in the reality of His absolute Lordship; of our willingness to glorify him before men in every area of life; of the extent of His Lordship: whether he is indeed Lord of all, or Lord of part.

Further, ECP and liberty are inextricably related. Since civil government derives its definition, legitimacy, authority, purpose, jurisdiction and limitations from the Word of God, a nation that acknowledges God’s authority and Law, as well as the limitations He has placed upon it, has a profound opportunity for liberty!

When society rejects, or ignores, a Biblical view of life and politics, the fundamental principles of liberty come under attack: unalienable rights, limited government, honest money and fiscal policy, private property and free enterprise, the sanctity of life. Ultimately, nothing is sacred, with even the most fundamental institutions such as marriage and family, and even gender itself, undergoing redefinition according to humanistic principles.

It has been said, “The problem of liberty is a problem of ‘choose today which god you are going to serve.’ It is a problem of ultimate loyalty. [When men put their faith in the state or any other god, then that entity demands their ultimate loyalty.] ….The result has been disastrous for liberty, and for human civilization.”
Nations that reject God’s Law inevitably embrace the idols of humanism: socialism, Darwinism, statism, militarism, globalism, multiculturalism, environmentalism, libertarianism, conservatism, totalitarianism, the culture of fornication, and the onslaught of Islam. It is impossible for it to be otherwise, for apart from Christ there is no limit to man’s desire, and need, to embrace new idols! The disastrous result is tyranny, bureaucracy, anarchy, the destruction of wealth and liberty—and finally collapse.

Christ said that we are either for Him or against him, and he who does not gather with Him scatters. If our politics are not explicitly Christian, they will be explicitly secular, and by definition, anti-Christian. There is no neutrality before God.

So how does Explicitly Christian Politics help us?

  • It acknowledges the authority of God’s Word for all of life, including politics;
  • It acknowledges that men, institutions and nations are accountable to God’s law;
  • It provides for the qualifications for civil rulers in order that they rule justly and keep civil government within its God-ordained boundaries;
  • It provides for limited civil government, thereby setting the foundation for godly justice, ethics, unalienable rights, private property and free enterprise;
  • It guards the most fundamental of institutions: marriage and family;
  • It protects the life of the unborn;
  • It promotes God’s ordained order, under which education, healthcare, welfare, and economics are not the responsibility of government, but of other institutions;
  • It urges the adoption of Christian civil government, which ultimately displaces the ideas of secular humanism, and
  • It transforms the political debate into a contest of fundamental belief systems, making it possible to expose unbelieving humanist policies.

There is a great need for all believers to apply Scripture to all aspects of their lives, including politics. To the degree that Bible-believing Christians embrace ECP, it will be instrumental in restoring liberty and limited government, in exposing and displacing socialistic institutions, and in rebuilding a public Christian political conscience and worldview. This web site aims to expand a discussion of what Explicitly Christian Politics is and why it is essential, and how Christians can be effectively involved in it.

In short, there is a need for an explicitly Christian political party. one that is solidly rooted in God’s Word. In fact, such a party has been formed in the United States, the Christian Liberty Party (CLP). Visit the CLP website and read the Comprehensive Vision and take a look at our Principles. Then ask yourself. “How can I not be a part of this?”

Please pray for this work.

“And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus…” Col 3:17.

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