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Christian Voter Clubs

Christian Voter Clubs

Following the legacy and example of Abraham Kuyper and the Anti-Revolutionary Party, a Christian political party of Holland in the late 1800’s, we have begun the establishment of Christian Voter Clubs across America.

Local Christian Voter Clubs are the focal point for activities relating to equipping Christians as statesmen, mobilizing godly citizens, and advancing Christian solutions.

Here, local members and friends study Biblical principles of self government and civil government, prepare themselves for leadership opportunities, both party and public, and serve their communities as salt and light for Jesus Christ.

Through the development of this study program and the formation of Christian Voter Clubs, we have set our course to aid in the reformation of the American nation by equipping godly citizens and competent statesman.

Establishing Christian Voter Clubs

We communicate the vision and principles of the Christian Liberty Party to a new county or state through introductory meetings and materials. We then encourage the establishment of Christian Voter Clubs to educate individuals and families in the Biblical principles of government and the Christian mission of our party.

Christian Voter Club Leaders

Individuals who demonstrate the Biblical qualifications of character and leadership will be encouraged to study and prepare themselves for party leadership and public office. Because organizations tend to take on the character of those in leadership, leaders must be carefully promoted and not haphazardly appointed on the basis of a willingness to serve. Thus, leaders of chartered Christian Voter Clubs must pass the Level 1 Principles and Party Exams (See Training section) and meet general, character, moral and leadership qualifications, as well as providing three references. Aspiring CLP members who desire to start a chartered Christian Voter Club in their community can fill out a form on the Christian Liberty Party website.