Acknowledging God: A Case for National Confession

Post date: Dec 07, 2016 5:26:34 PM

Jan 10, 2011 by Daniel Eby

National confession is a very serious and central issue that’s challenging America today. It’s absolutely imperative for Americans to ask ourselves whether or not we, and the leaders of this nation, will humble ourselves before God and acknowledge that Heaven rules. (See Daniel 4:17,25.) Or, will we continue to cast off all godly restraint and thoroughly expunge from our sight and memory the laws of God and the Christian heritage that was passed to us from our Christian forebears?

During the past decade and longer, the Ten Commandments and every symbol of the Christian faith in the public arena have been systematically selected for removal. Those who defy God and His law seek to replace Christianity with the religion of secular democracy, where the rule of men is supreme. It is an all-out war, an attack at the very foundations of our nation. (See Psalm 2.)

Which God will America Serve?

What is at stake is not just the freedom to place placards on courtroom walls or monuments in civil government buildings. What is at stake is the very devotion of the heart and soul of this nation! The question before us is: Which god will America acknowledge as supreme–the one true, and only, God and His Son Jesus Christ who rules from heaven– OR the idol of democracy, where man’s rights and desires are supreme.

The cause of this warfare and attack of our roots is both neglect and forgetfulness. A national understanding of the connection between Christianity and civil government, so well understood by our founding fathers and the general populace (but which the founding generation neglected to embed in the Constitution), is no longer understood by the majority of Americans today–neither Christian nor non-Christian.

Our people have long since forgotten the words of Samuel Adams, spoken as the Declaration of Independence was signed, “We have this day restored the Sovereign to Whom all men ought to be obedient. He reigns in heaven and from the rising to the setting of the sun, let His kingdom come.”

The greater blame, ironically, lies not with the nonbeliever, but rather the believer who has neglected the centrality of the Word of God, including the Ten Commandments, as the only standard for Christian obedience, and consequently has forgotten its basis for establishing good civil government.

Without Christ, Conservatism is an Empty Shell

Answers cannot be found in a resurgence of conservatism. Conservatism has long since failed us. What is left of conservatism, if Christ is not at the foundation of its ideology? Without Christ to fill it, it is just an empty shell.

Holding on to the Constitution as the last hope for our nation will not work either. The Constitution will fail to protect us, because without the Law of God as its foundation, it will eventually fade away into history as a grand experiment in nation building found wanting for a lack of the secure bond of the Christian religion to protect it.

All other important issues dim in light of this one. Because we no longer confess Christ nor obey His Laws, we will not be able to protect the unborn from slaughter, and we will not stand up for second amendment rights any more than we have kept our children from being educated by the ungodly in the government schools.

Do we need a constitutional amendment that requires a national confession of Christ? Yes, but that won’t happen any time soon–at least not without a “Nineveh type” national repentance.

While I personally believe that our forefathers neglected this most important part of building good civil government, what is left to us in this generation is a solemn return to the type of holy living that only the Gospel –and yes, the Law of God– alone can bring. Until this happens, our nation cannot be restored. The nation as we know it cannot survive, if we refuse to acknowledge the God of heaven.

Our only hope is for Christians to begin the careful rebuilding of an explicitly Christian community:

    • Churches must once again become beacons of light as they demonstrate the power of the Gospel, teaching the Laws of God as the standard for faith and practice for all men;

    • Christian men and women must keep the bond of marriage ’till death do them part’;

    • Christian families must remove every aspect of secularism as the teachers of their children, and once again obey God’s command to give their children a comprehensive Christian education, and

    • Christians must once again take seriously the Dominion Mandate and the Great Commission, and apply God’s Word and Law to every sphere of life.

Let us Confess Christ!

The Christian political movement must first reach Christian families and help them to faithfully apply God’s Word to civil government and politics.

Our prayer is that dedicated Christians will throw their shoulders to the wheel and, by God’s grace, help lead our nation to a national confession of Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.