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A Christian Political Party

Our Foundation is in the Word of God

The foundation for a Christian party is laid in the eternal truths of the Holy Scripture and its principles regarding God, Man & Law. “For other foundation can no man lay than that which is laid, which is Christ Jesus.” (I Corinthians 3.11) Its message is that the Lord is sovereign over every area of life, that there is no religious neutrality before God and, therefore, that there can be no separation of religion and politics.1 It seeks to defend the Christian faith as the only basis for sound government by emphasizing the connection between religion, authority, and freedom. It recounts America’s Christian history, her covenants with God, and His abundant providential intervention on her behalf.

Its platform will be derived from the careful application of Biblical principles to the issues facing modern society. Through its program it seeks to restore a national Christian conscience by injecting the Gospel into governmental affairs. Ultimately, it seeks to bring every political and social thought and deed captive to the obedience of Christ.

A Christian political party recognizes that in every age there exists a fundamentally religious struggle for or against the universal lordship of Christ, and that the problems facing our nation today are, at heart, symptoms of unbelief. Its methodology, therefore, emphasizes the transformation of politics-as-usual into a clearly defined struggle over basic principles:  belief vs. unbelief, Christianity vs. secular humanism, and the Gospel vs. “The Revolution.”2 These simple principles have exceedingly vast implications and carry with them the power to forever alter the very essence and scope of the political dialectic. For the first time, the Gospel has become the dividing line in politics.

A  Biblical Blueprint for Political Action

A Christian party takes its marching orders not from today’s secular political wisdom, but from the parables of Jesus, the proverbs of Solomon, and the teachings of Paul, which together form a divine blueprint for political action. Paul said “All scripture is…profitable…that the man of God may be…thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” (II Timothy 3.16) Indeed, the Bible thoroughly furnishes us with clear and precise instructions for every area of life, even for political action.

Blueprints are meant to promote efficiency, avoid waste and guide the building of a structure to a coherent and useful end. But God’s building codes differ from those of the world.  Believers are called to build on the Rock, not on sand. The party that builds according to the divine blueprint is blessed with a systematic, long-term and well-defined vision, a clear pathway and genuine hope toward achieving its goals. It is spared the recurring, time-consuming and divisive debates and all the other problems that plague today’s political parties.  It is free to direct 100% of its energy toward productive work in striving for its ultimate goal.

Today, most political parties are building houses without blueprints. They make up their design as they go and have no idea what the final product will look like. But only the political party that follows God’s divine blueprint will be set free from the snares and pitfalls of worldly political wisdom. Further, the CLP acknowledges the power prayer provides in the growth and work of the Party. Prayer becomes a defensive weapon as it asks for God’s help and protection, and it becomes an offensive weapon as it asks Him to pave the way in reaching the hearts of people with our message.

Thus a Christian political party welcomes all who are sincerely drawn to its vision and are willing to subscribe to its principles. Just as early America became a “city set on a hill” that drew families from all nations, a Christian political party vision will draw families from all walks of life who have become disenfranchised from a corrupt anti-family political system. The open and express declaration of our principles and platform will serve well to draw those who are genuinely called to build with us.

The Christian Liberty Party

Now, there is a Christian party pointing the electorate to the only hope for good civil government–the acknowledgement of the Triune God as the sovereign ruler of the universe and as the Governor of the nations. The Christian Liberty Party was founded on the principles of God’s Word and acknowledges God’s sovereignty, His authority, His laws and Providence and His blessings that He bestows on all men, nations and rulers who humbly submit to Him. Check out the Christian Liberty Party and join with us as we establish state and county parties on a Christian worldview and upon Biblical Principles.

[1] McKendree R. Langley, Emancipation Apologetics: The Formation of Abraham Kuyper’s Anti-Revolutionary Party in the Netherlands, 1872-1880 (a PhD dissertation) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Westminster Theological Seminary, 1995): 200.
[2] Langley, 84-89.