Middle School Study Resources

During the 2019-2020 School Year, Middle School Envirothon teams will study much of the same resource materials as High School Envirothon teams.

The relevant high school materials have been transferred to this web page for teams' convenience.

Resource Study Details:

    • Aquatics Resources are the same for Middle School and for High School, except Middle School will not study the standard aquatic animal, plants, or aquatic profiles.
    • Current Environmental Issues - CEI resource material is different for Middle School teams. Several articles are for Middle School only and several have been edited for middle school students.
    • Forestry Resource material and trees to identify are different from high school for Middle School teams.
    • Soil Resources have been edited and updated for Middle School - 9/24/19
    • Wildlife Resources are the same for Middle School and for High School

Wildlife - Middle School

Wildlife cannot be separated from the environment that supports it. The living and non-living portions of the environment help to define an organism’s niche and determine the species and numbers of each that can survive in a given ecosystem. Thus, wildlife cannot be studied without studying its habitat. To maintain wildlife populations, the habitat must be preserved. “All things are connected.”

Usually, the vertebrate animals (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals), are the organisms that are thought of as wildlife; but in fact, wildlife is all non-domesticated plant and animal species. More attention will be given to the vertebrate animals, but the plants and other organisms, on which they depend and with which they interact, will be examined also.

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