Current Environmental Issues (CEI) - High School

The North Carolina Envirothon, through its Current Environmental Issues component, provides middle and high school students the opportunity to explore the most urgent and controversial issues facing North Carolinian's today. Many of these issues are the same issues being studied and publicly debated across the country and the world.

To improve issue awareness, analysis and critical thinking skills, Envirothon students are assigned a variety of articles and editorials written by individuals, academia, environmental organizations, business and industry, conservation agencies, the Internet, and the general media from various subject areas:

    • Earth’s Natural Resources - soil, water, air, plants and animals
    • Issues At Home and the World Over - global climate change, biodiversity, endangered species, exotic species, habitat
    • Our Global Family –people, population growth, resource consumption
    • Annual Issue - as selected by the International Canon Envirothon each year

The purpose of these readings is twofold: 1) to introduce students to the science behind the issues and their social, economic, political and ecological implications; and 2) to expose them to opposing viewpoints to stimulate thinking and to help them better understand the public debate on a variety of North Carolina and global issues.

While students are tested on their reading comprehension of each article’s content, they are encouraged to draw their own conclusions and form their own informed opinions with sound justification. The NC Envirothon State Steering Committee strives to provide a balance of perspectives. The opinions presented are not necessarily those of the NC Envirothon State Steering Committee or the NC Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts.

Articles for 2018-2019

CORE INFORMATION - To help Advisors and Students understand the importance of critical evaluation of information received through the internet and other media sources.

1. Introduction to Current Environmental Issues (updated Sept 2018)

2. Decision Making Under Scientific Uncertainty

3. Mixed messages obscure the importance of action

4. Mini Page First Amendment


5. Lumber River Basin, NC Office of EE River BasinBooklet Flyer

6. Lumber River a safe place to swim

7. The Lumber River

8. Carolina Bays


9. A diversity of bees is good for farming

10. Working lands for Monarch Butterflies

11. Cover cropping for pollinators and beneficial insects – page 1-5

12. Farming for bees (p1-15; 26-29; 34-36)


13. Healthy, productive soils checklist for growers

14. What is sustainable agriculture?


15. Soil Lead – testing, interpretation,recommendations

16. Lead may be out of paint and gasoline, but it’sstill in the soil

17. Lead


18. Judge asked to stop company’s chemical discharges

19. GenX frequently asked questions

20. Holden Beach GenX town hall notice


21. A rising concern? After straws, balloons get morescrutiny

22. 101: ResinIdentification Codes

23. What are plastics?

24. Facts about plastic pollution (and 10 things we cando about it)

25. SPC 101: Transport Packaging

26. Types of Plastics


27. Cities are laboratories for climate researchers at NC State

28. US is on the verge of an offshore wind revolution

29. Design for the Environment

30. Explosive problem for used gadgets-they catch fire

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