Galapagos-Summer 2015

Judy, Ed and Lisa Return to Galapagos - Summer 2015

This summer we were able to return once again to one of the most extraordinary places on Earth, the Galapagos Islands. As our friend Roz Cameron says, we now feel that they are our little lava rocks. We left on Sunday, July 12 and boarded Yacht La Pinta on Monday July 13. We had a number of adventures and fortuitous encounters along the way. We sailed for two weeks, to return to Guayaquil on July 27 and return home on July 28. Please take a look at a small selection of the thousands of pictures that we took.

source: Google Earth

source: Google Earth

Monday July 13 - BALTRA / SANTA CRUZ

Baltra Airport/Highlands of Santa Cruz Island) Monday: AM Baltra Airport / PM Highlands: Walk

Tuesday July 14 - SANTA CRUZ

Eden Islet (Santa Cruz Island)/Sombrero Chino Islet

AM Eden Islet: Walk, snorkeling, panga ride / PM Chinese Hat Islet:Walk, snorkeling, panga ride.

Wednesday July 15 - BARTOLOME / SANTIAGO

Bartolomé Island/Sullivan Bay (Santiago Island)

AM Bartolomé: Walk, snorkeling,panga ride, glass-bottom boat ride / PM Sullivan Bay: Walk, swimming, snorkeling.

Thursday July 16 - GENOVESA

Darwin Bay/Prince Philip Steps (Genovesa Island)

AM Darwin Bay: Walk, snorkeling, kayaking, panga ride / PM Prince Phillip Steps: Walk, snorkeling, panga ride.

Friday July 17 – BALTRA

Baltra Island

PM visit North Seymour, welcome cocktail, lecture.

Saturday July 18 - ISABELA / FERNANDINA

AM Punta Vicente Roca: Snorkeling, panga ride / PM Punta Espinoza: Walk.

Sunday July 19 - ISABELA

AM Urbina Bay: Walk / PM Tagus Cove: Walk, snorkeling, panga ride and glass bottom boat.

Monday July 20 - RABIDA / SANTA CRUZ

AM Rábida: Walk, snorkeling, glass-bottom boat / PM Cerro Dragón: Walk.

Tuesday July 21 - SANTA CRUZ

AM Charles Darwin Research Station: Walk / PM We had a wonderful time roaming with Roz Cameron.

Wednesday July 22 - FLOREANA

AM Post Office Bay: Walk, snorkeling / PM Punta Cormorant & Champion Islet: Walk, snorkeling, kayaking.

Thursday July 23 - SANTA FE / SOUTH PLAZA

AM Santa Fe: Walk, swimming, snorkeling, panga ride / PM South Plaza: Walk.

Friday July 24 - SAN CRISTOBAL

AM Puerto Baquerizo Moreno / PM Cerro Colorado Tortoise Centre Walks, visit the breeding centre of the highly-endangered giant tortoises.

Saturday July 25 - SAN CRISTOBAL

AM Punta Pitt: Walk, snorkeling, panga ride / PM Cerro Brujo: Walk, panga ride and glass bottom boat.

Sunday July 26 - ESPAÑOLA

AM Punta Suárez: Walk. / PM Gardner Bay: Walk, snorkeling, kayaking, glass- bottom boat.

Monday July 27 - SANTA CRUZ / BALTRA

AM We wandered around Santa Cruz ourselves, transfer out to the airport, Guayaquil and home.