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Algebra & Trigonometry (second edition)

Cynthia Y. Young


There are a variety of ways to purchase the text. It can be purchased in a number of forms. It can be bought from discounters on line, or it can be bought in electronic form or in mixed form directly from the publisher.

Fractional & decimal expressions, radicals, exponents, linear equations, absolute value, expanding and factoring polynomial expressions, simplifying fractional algebraic expressions, solving equations and inequalities, introduction to functions, (specific functions and their graphs include linear, quadratic and circular types), analysis of domain and range, composition of functions, vertical and horizontal shifts, symmetry, polynomial division, complex numbers, quadratic formula. Exponential and logarithmic functions and their graphs and applications. Trigonometric functions/identities and their graphs and applications.

We will spend time throughout the course experimenting with, and using, a computer algebra and graphing package to help solve algebra and graphing problems.

To see a VERY brief summary of how to enroll in the Moodle site for a course, click here.

You must enroll in both the site for the course and the wxMaxima tutorial on Moodle.

Link to code to install wxMaxima 8.2

Link to SPIonic.ttf. The Greek character true type font for wxMaxima.

There will be three in-class exams and a final. The in-class exams will each count 20% of the final grade and the final exam will comprise 30% of the final grade. There will also be graded homework quizzes worth 9% of the grade. There will be quizzes on the use of wxMaxima (symbolic computer algebra) worth 1% of the final grade. There will be a wxMaxima component on each of the exams.

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