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Mathematics and Computer Science

Manhattanville College

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I'm the one with the blue shirt!

Taken on Espaniola Island, Galapagos, Ecuador

This is Judy and me.

Taken at 15,000 feet with the Cotapoxi Volcano in the Andes in the background

This is Lisa and a friend.

Taken on Genovesa, Galapagos, Ecuador

This is the obligatory tortoise picture.

Taken at the Charles Darwin Research Station, Santa Cruz, Galapagos, Ecuador

Denali - Alaskans simply call it "The Mountain"

It was considerably cooler at the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska this summer than it was in Galapagos last summer

It wasn't that warm in the Yukon either.

Mt. Rushmore is an incredible sight (South Dakota)

Old Faithful is remarkably predictably (Yellowstone National Park, WY)

Water flows in different directions on different sides!

Our ship in Drake Bay, Costa Rica. This picture was taken from the edge of the rain forest in the Marenco Reserve.

Overlooking the caldera of the active Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua.

In the Manuel Antonio National Park outside Quepos, Costa Rica interesting animals are all around!

Around here, we don't usually run into a Coati Mundi, as one does in Manuel Antonio.

Visual proof that there is at least one mammal that likes Dr. Schwartz (taken in Anguilla)

This picture was taken overlooking Mangen's Bay in St. Thomas, USVI

The Acropolis dominates the Athens skyline

Delphi is starkly beautiful and imposing

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul is stunning in its magnificence

The Haigha Sophia is directly across the courtyard from the Blue Mosque

Tourists throw coins in the Trevi Fountain to ensure that they will return to Rome

The Colosseum in Rome is an extraordinary piece of engineering

Saint Peter's Square is huge and grand

Florence is a beautiful city

The Croatian countryside in Istria is lovely

Dubrovnik is a walled, defensible city that has been rebuilt completely

Venice is filled with art and canals

It is not true that the Tower in Pisa is straight and the people are leaning.

Portofino is both a fishing village and a stop for the wealthy

Monaco has a small harbor to go with its small land mass

There are six such statues of the great Juan Manuel Fangio in the world including this one in Monaco, the site of his first victory in a Grand Prix race

The countryside in Provence is beautiful

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona has been under construction since 1882. It is one of Gaudi's fantasmagorical creations. No one really knows when it will be finished.

Even one hundred years later, the Panama Canal is an engineering and construction marvel.

Oslo is a delightful city with interesting old and new architecture.

The grounds at Catherine's Palace are stunning and huge, as is everything in St. Petersburg.

The racing on the streets is exciting!

Godafoss in Iceland is spectacular

Faskrudsfjor suddenly loomed spectrally out of the thick fog

Puffins on a small island off Isfjordur far outnumber the inhabitants

There are many hundreds of murals regarding "the troubles" in Belfast.

In Dublin, Molly Malone is known as "the tart with the cart."

Note the time. Above the Arctic circle it does NOT get dark in the summer!

The views along the fjords in Norway are stunning!

The inland lakes are also lovely.

Nordkapp is the northernmost point on the European continent.

My research interests include Mathematical Logic, Expert Systems, Neural Networks, and Bioinformatics.

I can, of course, always be reached by email at

I sometimes (infrequently) check my voice-mail at (914) 323-1555.

During the Spring 2019 semester I am teaching

MATH 1030.02 - Calculus I

Tuesday & Friday 12:10 - 1:25

Wednesday 12:00 - 12:50

meeting in BR 14

I have scheduled office hours on Tuesday and Friday, from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM and on other days and at other times by appointment. You can drop by during those hours but it is certainly better to make an appointment (not necessarily for those hours).

For syllabi of some of the other courses that I have taught, click here.

My office is located in Room BW8 in Brownson Wing; My phone number is (914) 323 - 1555.