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Introduction to Data Processing MaC 1075 Dr. Schwartz

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Discovering Computers, 2002, Concepts for a Digital World

Web Enhanced

Shelly, Cashman, Vermatt

Course Technology

Office 2000

Introductory Concepts and Techniques

Enhanced Edition

Shelly, Cashman, Vermaat

Course Technology

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We will study the history and development of the electronic digital computer. We will look at the technical aspects of computer hardware and software. We will consider some of the popular computer applications in use today. We will also talk about what the future of computing might hold. There will be readings from the text and from other books and articles assigned. We will start to become familiar with the "suite" of programs contained in Microsoft Office 2000 -- a word processor, a data base, a spread sheet, and a presentation program. We will look at the massive computer network known as the Internet. We will learn to use e-mail and the World Wide Web. We will construct our own websites on the Manhattanville web site.

There is a huge amount of information about computers available on the internet. Some sites that you might find of interest are:

A site that gives more information on Bob Cringley's wonderful show Triumph of the Nerds is

There is a "Virtual Museum of Computing" at


For a brief history of the Internet, see Hobbes' Internet Timeline at

A fascinating set of primary sources can be found at

There will be two exams, each counting 17% of the final grade. There will be various projects using the Office 2000 applications, a paper, and a World Wide Web site counting 30%, some "homework quizzes" counting 6%, and a final exam counting 30%.

Monday and Thursday, 2:0 - 4:00 and by appointment

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