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30) p-Facial Selectivities and proximal/distal regioselectivities in Diels-Alder reactions of unsymmetrical, cage-annulated 1,3-cyclhexadienes

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29) Probing the influence of stereoelectronic effects on lithium affinity in 1,3- and 1,4-dioxa systems

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28) Synthesis of novel chiral, cage-annulated macrocycles

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27) Stereoelectronic control of additions of Vinylmagnesium bromide to 1-Methyl- and 3-Methylpentacyclo[,6-03,10.05,9]undecane-8,11-diones and to 1-Methylhexacyclo [,11.04,9.04,14.09,13]-pentadeca-5,7-diene-3,10-dione

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26) Relevance of torsional effects to the conformational equilibria of 1,5-diaza-cis-decalins: A theoretical and experimental study

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