Just Completed 200 Mark!!!

PhD positions are open for CSIR-UGC NET qualified candidates

Research Interest

    • Acetylcholinessterase (AChE): Conformations, Dynamics, Hydrolysis and designing novel reactivators for organophosphorus inhibition
    • Alzheimer's: Drug Designing based on AChE inhibition and beta amyloid aggregation
    • G-Quadruplex DNA; experimental and computational drug design
    • Designing new, novel Organic superbases and superacids
    • Morphology of Ionic Solids
    • Novel sensors for anions, cations and neutral molecules
    • Ligand binding studies with DNA, PNA & RNA
    • Alkali halide solvation in molecular and bulk systems
    • Structural-Activity relationships in Organic and Inorganic systems
    • Designing Pores and Channels by assembly of cyclic peptides
    • We do collaborate with experimental chemists to design and synthesize the molecules/systems of immediate interest
    • Dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs)