Since 1969 the aims of the Cornish Buildings Group have been to stimulate interest, appreciation and knowledge of good building in Cornwall, and to encourage the erection, protection, repair and recording of such buildings.

Like any amenities group, we depend on numbers, strength and support of our membership, who provide the force and knowledge that have made us effective for almost fifty years.

We encourage the protection and repair of historic buildings whether these are listed buildings or simply good examples of traditional building. We aim to encourage good architecture and to raise the general standard of building throughout the county. We hope that our generation may leave behind it buildings which will be looked back on with that same pleasure and enjoyment that we experience when we look at the architecture of past ages.


Thank you to everyone who came, contributed and clapped at the CBG 2019 conference

On the 22nd and 23rd March 2019, the Cornish Buildings Group in conjunction with Historic England and the National Trust presented a two-day conference to explore and discuss the conference question: What is unique about Cornish buildings?

It was an outstanding weekend of fascinating papers, good discussion and an excellent networking opportunity.

We hope to be able to publish the speakers' papers, so do keep an eye out for news.

If you attended (or even if you didn't) and aren't a member, why not join today? Supporting and helping us in our work is vital to contributing to the the ongoing protection of the historic environment in Cornwall. Join here.