Conference 2019

The Cornish Buildings Group in conjunction with Historic England and the National Trust present a two-day conference to explore and discuss the conference question:

What is unique about Cornish buildings?

Our theme will unite aspects of Cornish architectural design with distinctiveness and exclusivity and will compliment the content of our 2015 and 2017 conferences in which we focused on the county’s rich architectural history and contemporary design philosophies.

Conference date: Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March 2019

Conference venue: John Keay Lecture Theatre, St Austell.

Ticket price: TBC

Provisional programme


1. Cornwall’s distinctive architectural style

9.45 Patrick Newberry Welcome and introduction

9.45 Paul Holden 50 years of the Cornish Buildings Group

10.15 Peter Herring & Daniel Radcliffe Courtyard Houses to Cornish Units; how the Cornish Cultural Distinctiveness project relates to buildings

10.45 Break

2. Castles and ornament

11.15 Jacky Nowakowski Looking for Early Medieval Buildings in Cornwall: recent work at Tintagel Castle, North Cornwall

11.45 Alex Woodcock Atlantic Gothic: the architectural sculpture of the ‘Master of St Endellion’

12.15 Questions for the morning’s speakers

12.45 Lunch

3. Unfinished and lost structures

13.45 Joanna Mattingly Cornwall’s unfinished three-hall churches

14.15 Richard Hewlings Mount Edgcumbe: the bigger picture

14.45 Questions and break

4. Enlightened Sensibilities in Cornish architecture

15.15 Nick Cahill When I first took a plan of the ground.....’ John Wood the Younger in Cornwall: a universal Enlightenment vision adapted to Penwith particularities?

15.45 Paul Holden 'Beauty will result from the form and correspondence of the whole': Palladianism in Cornwall

16.15 Questions and close


9.30 Paul Holden Welcome

5. Places of worship

9.40 Rhiannon Rhys Non-conformist Chapels in Cornwall – a declining majesty and what can we do to revive it!

10.10 Patrick Newberry A Cathedral for Cornwall; religious revival and reassertion in the nineteenth century

10.40 Break

6. Architects Who shaped the Cornish landscapes

11.10 Samantha Barnes Beacons of the future – beacons in the townscape: an analysis of Silvanus Trevail’s board schools in Cornwall and their link to the vernacular

11.40 Helen Wilson Edmund H. Sedding

12.10 Michael Drury Philip Tilden

12.40 Questions

13.10 Lunch

7. Characteristic stones and distinctive design

14.15 Phil Collins and Andy King Cornish elvans: types, uses and future opportunities

14.45 Matthew Seaber 4A Dennis Road - a case study of a new house in Pasdstow

15.15 Questions

8. Conclusions

15.45 TBC Summing up

16.00 Depart