Since 1969 the aims of the Cornish Buildings Group have been to stimulate interest, appreciation and knowledge of good building in Cornwall, and to encourage the erection, protection, repair and recording of such buildings.

We encourage the protection and repair of historic buildings whether these are listed buildings or simply good examples of traditional building. We aim to encourage good architecture and to raise the general standard of building throughout the county. We hope that our generation may leave behind it buildings which will be looked back on with that same pleasure and enjoyment that we experience when we look at the architecture of past ages.

 The Group maintains good relations with the local authority but we are concerned that planning departments may lack time or experience. Because of this, the CBG is asked to and does review and provide assessment of individual planning applications in some districts of Cornwall. The group has also been long represented on areas where there are Conservation Area advisory committees. Each month the CBG council meets to consider applications from within the county. 

Like any amenities group, we depend on numbers, strength and support of our membership, who provide the force and knowledge that have made us effective for over forty years.
Main picture. 2014 Commendation winner, Rosemerryn Cabin by Matt Robinson. For all results see our awards pages.