Link for Reciprocal List 2018 and 2019

CFBKYC Reciprocal Directive

1. Many yacht, sailing and/or boating clubs have traditionally offered the use of their club facilities to other clubs during the sailing season. CFBKYC has taken part in this mutually beneficial activity for several years. Each spring our club letter goes out to a number of clubs located around Lake Ontario and the upper St Lawrence River offering the use of our facilities and requesting reciprocal arrangements for our own members. As positive responses are received, a list of clubs is updated indicating their location, fee system, restrictions and other useful information.

2. CFBKYC is a partially DND subsidized club and, as such, is strictly prohibited from competing with private or municipal marinas. We cannot provide docking or mooring facilities to anyone other than our own members and to those members of clubs with which we have established reciprocal agreements. Severe weather conditions or emergency medical or mechanical situations are subject to on the spot discretionary decisions in respect to allowing non-reciprocal vessels to use our facilities.

3. As a general rule, visiting club members will be subject to the same benefits and restrictions as our own members.

4. Fees and Length of Stay:

a. First night FREE.

b. Second and third night $25.00 each.

c. No more than THREE consecutive nights.

d. Maximum of three nights within a 30-day period.

5. Restrictions/ Requirements:

a. Max length 33 feet.

b. Max beam 11 feet.

c. Max weight 14,000 pounds.

d. Boats in excess of 33ft require the approval of RC Yachts or FC Sail.

6. Action by OOD or Other Members. Remember that first impressions can be lasting. Please be courteous, helpful and follow these simple guidelines:

a. Greet visiting crew.

b. Confirm club membership status from skipper’s membership card and from our reciprocal club list.

c. Note vessel name, skipper’s name, club name, dates of stay in the reciprocal log.

d. Provide the skipper with a visitor brochure, which provide policy, club services, customs and rules, and local amenities and services.

e. Assign moorings with the following priorities;

(1) Member’s slip (member has signed out for required length of time);

(2) Vacant wet mooring; and

(3) By exception, T dock (courtesy) visitors can stay from evening to early morning, for no more than one overnight stay.

f. Assist visitors with docking.

g. Pass on gate and clubhouse door code as required and brief visiting crew on requirement to secure club house, stair and dock gates prior to retiring for the night.

h. Place visitor’s cash/cheque collected for the second and third night in an envelope with the reciprocal name on the envelope. Enter amount in the log book. Secure it in the Clubhouse cubby hole that is protected with a lock.