Payment Club Fees

When to Pay

  • Payments will be accepted from 1 April to 1 May for members on the published mooring plan.
  • Members who apply after the mooring plan is published will pay in full before occupying a mooring. An invoice will be provided.
  • Members have the option to pay storage/ lift-out/in by 1 October.
  • PDA is not accepted.

How to Pay

  • Payment is processed with CFMWS//PSP and controlled by NPF.
  • Use the link below (Pay Here) to pay online (credit cards only).
  • You can also pay at the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre (KMCSC), 11 Navy Way, Kingston, Ontario.
  • For the hours or other querries, contact the KMCSC front desk at 613-541-5010 ext 8752

Refund Policy

  • In accordance with Club bylaws, all fees will be refunded 100% prior to lift-in.
  • Prior to 1 August mooring fees will be refunded 50%. There will be no mooring refunds after 1 August.
  • Membership fees will not be refunded after lift-in.
  • The storage fee will be refunded until 1 Oct.
  • Lift-Out/In fees are fully refundable.
  • Refund is processed by NPF and members are expected to wait up to a month for a cheque mailed to their home address.
  • Members who have paid with credit card can expect a refund within few days.
  • Contact the Membership Officer (MO) to intiate a refund.

Late Fees

  • A late fee of $50 is assessed if mooring is not paid by 1 May or within 14 days of invoice.
  • HST is added to all fees (except fines).

Fee Schedule: See link

Members Fees: see link

To Pay Online:

Instruction to pay online: Before you can register for a program or service, you must have a user account. Click the My Account tab at the top of the page and follow the instructions. If you are having difficulty with your account, call the Gym front desk at 613-541-5010 Local 8752.

  • Select Courses then CFBKYC
  • Under Fees select Register Now for your appropriate group: "Regular & Ordinary" or "Associate"
  • Logon to your account
  • Select your rates and click Update
  • Check Out