Live Aboard Guidelines

The guidelines were approved at the 27 March 13 EXCO meeting. Live-aboard is for a member who makes his boat his residence for a season or less.

1. CFBKYC encourages the enjoyment of Club facilities by all members. Members who wish to live aboard their vessel during the sailing season are welcome to do so. However, in order to not infringe on the rights of other members, and to ensure equitable usage of Club facilities, the following guidelines will be adhered to:

a. While the clubhouse is for the usage of all members, we discourage members from “setting up house” in the clubhouse. Accordingly:

Live-aboard are welcome to use all club facilities but are expected to practise discretion to avoid disrupting other Club activities or to infringe on other members’ usage.

Personal items are not to be left/stored in the clubhouse. This includes clothes, toiletries, food/drink, etc.

Overnight sleeping is not allowed in the clubhouse.

Live-aboard are welcome to use the clubhouse kitchen or BBQ to prepare meals, but are expected to immediately clean up after themselves.

Club phones are available for all members’ use and should not be monopolized for extended periods.

b. Laundry facilities are widely available. Washing and drying of clothes in the clubhouse and/or on your vessel is prohibited.

c. Animals must be controlled and tethered at all times, and owners must adhere to the club’s stoop and scoop policy. Aggressive or territorial animals will not be tolerated.

d. Docks are to be kept free and clear of personal gear except for short periods for loading/unloading boats. Personal gear which makes its way to the docks can become a safety hazard and will not be tolerated.

e. Members who wish to live aboard his/her vessel will only be allowed to do so from Spring Lift-In until Fall Lift-Out. Living aboard vessels is prohibited outside that time frame.

2. CFBKYC encourages boating and the enjoyment of Club facilities by all members. The Club recognizes the positive impact of live-aboard for security,, as well as their potential for additional assistance during heavy weather and emergencies. We do, however, expect life-aboard to respect the rights of other members in the reasonable usage use of Club facilities.

3. The VCmdre will monitor all live-aboard for adherence to these guidelines. Any serious or continuing breeches may constitute grounds for terminating this agreement and the loss of privileges to live aboard.

Provide your intent to live aboard for the season by sending an email to Indicate that you have read and agree with the guidelines.