Officer of the Day - Duties

As directed by the Vice Commodore and on behalf of the Commodore, the OOD shall stand the duty watch at the Club duty shack from 1600h to 2000h.

Members must have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) to operate the Club boats, which is required to inspect the mooring lines.

Members can exchange or serve for another member. Your replacement must be at least 18 years old. If a switch occurs, ensure it is noted in the OOD logbook and the Vice Commodore is informed.

The duty shack is your place of duty. It is expected that you will not be on your boat performing maintenance or other activities not related to your duty. For the same reason, we discourage parents bringing children requiring supervision during their duties.

The OOD shall be proactive in their duty, use common sense with safety in mind. Duties of the OOD shall include, but are not limited to:

o Monitor VHF Channel 68. If dual mode is available, monitor 16 as a secondary channel. Club activities (LTS/Sailpast/Racing) will be on channel 71. Also answer phone (ext 5483) by carrying the portable;

o Assist members attempting to dock;

o Inquiry if visitors are reciprocals:

  • Welcome reciprocals and assist by assigning an available slip appropriate for the type of boat, complete the reciprocal form, provide the combination for the gates and the visitor brochure;
  • Politely send non-authorised visitors to other marinas or clubs.

o Oversee the usage of dinghies (CL14) in accordance with the Club Dinghies SOPs (see binder);

o Inspect all dock lines and adjust if boats are not tied properly;

o Use a club boat, weather permitting, to check those at the mooring balls.

o Cut grass and weed whack area within the fence line;

o Clean clubhouse washrooms and empty garbage;

o Bag ice if freezer is not full;

o Keep the Duty Shack clean;

o Water the plants around the club;

o Report maintenance issues in log book;

o Ensure that the club boats have gas tanks half full and bailed out;

o Check breaker boxes – only reset once. Report if they trip twice;

o Remind members that dogs within club area are to be on leashes. Scoop and bag mandatory;

o Remind members of the Club alcohol policies when at fault;

o Ensure all gates are locked before departing;

o Advise skippers of hazards and weather deteriorating condition during your shift:

o Assist any boaters coming to the Club with an emergency; and

o Complete other tasks as assigned by the executive.

Enter any problems into the OOD Logbook. It is an official record – write clearly. A list of Executive Members with contact information is located in the OOD Duty Book. If the situation warrants, contact the Military Police ext 5648 or dial 911.