Avoiding Tragedies

100% of the children must be protected from 100% of their abuse. No misdiagnosis ever.  And to be sure, physical, sexual, and psychological abuse are all forms of abuse and they all happen.  Cats and Dogs both exist and they are distinct and separate forms of abuse.

Sometimes there are false allegations of parental alienation.  The Childress Test and checklist can be an effective and scientific method for weeding out false claims of severe parental alienation, though of course, it could be less severe.

Here are some example of where/how the Childress Test might be appropriate:

1. Evidently, in the Alanna Krause case there are opposing claims of sexual abuse and parental alienation. However, these statements could suggest that there is no splitting going on, a vital pat of the Childress Test "But when pressed, she admits that her time with her father wasn't all bad, as if she knows that being too spiteful might come off as unbecoming. "I did have a relationship with my father," she concedes. "As a kid, it seemed he knew everything. I get my love for the Constitution from him, much as he didn't follow it himself. Whenever I hear NPR, I think of him. He would always have it on in the car, and I used to think it was so boring.