Alum Creek - Spring 2011

Alum Creek State Park

March 27, 2011


Fortunately today was a nice day, a lot of sunshine but a bit windy. We are happy to have total of 9 groups or individual showing up on a cold day. We appreciated help from Heather and Joe at registration and from Alex at picking up controls.

We set out a donation box for "Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund." We were thankful people donated. We plan to send the money to Japan Red Cross through Japanese Consulate in Detroit.


3/27 Alum Creek OL results

1. Beginner course 3km

1. Sherry family 82 minutes

2. Lopez family 135minutes

2. Intermidiate cource 4.5km

1. Kline 80minutes

2. Wheeler 101minutes

3. Rob & Gary 120minutes

4. Joe Albert DNF

3. Advance cource 6km

1. Bob Lindsey 55minutes

2. Eugene Granovskiy 73minutes

3. Earl Reisinger 130minutes