Alley Park - Spring 2006

Results - Alley Park

March 26, 2006

Girl Scouts getting instructions

It turned out to be a relatively nice day at Alley Park this spring for our first meet of the season, a little cold standing around at the registration but nice out on the courses. There were 3 courses available, Beginner (White), Intermediate (Orange) and Advanced (Brown/Green). All of the courses were a little shorter than they might be at other parks due to the climb at Alley Park.

Most of the white course participants made things a little harder on themselves by going straight up hill to get a control on the advanced course that they could see from the trail, instead of realizing that the control they wanted was actually right on a different trail that intersected theirs. Of course the steepness of the ridge was the same either way!

The advanced course had a little twist to it this time. There was a map exchange at point 7. The maps for the 2nd part of the course were positioned there. This enabled the use of 1 control on both the 1st and 2nd halves of the course plus allowed controls to be closer together. This area of Alley Park would be well suited to a Micro-Orienteering course, with more controls set than actually on the course. So look for this in the future!