Griggs - Spring 2005

Griggs Reservoir

22 May 2005

Bob Huebner

Course Setter & Meet Director

A perfect day until 1:00 when a rain shower hit us. I should have picked the shelter house-but it was so sunny to start the day. I hope Mrs Oxley gives Sara and Brian extra credit for doing there courses entirely in the rain. There were 3 course, North 4.8 KM, south 2.6 Km and a combination N/S- 7.4 Km. The park is mostly open with many small reentrants and thickets to navigate by. The park is 5 Km long, but only 100-300 meters wides.

Some very close competition in each race. Mark Swies just barely edged out Peter Raine in the north section of the map. The girl scout troop leaders Vicki and Pat had the best time on the south map. Chiori Shimizu barely beat her husband Shin on the combined maps.

Thanks to Karen and Al for there help at the meet. I was glad Karen was back at the finish to help start the Girl Scout Troop. Karen does a great introduction for beginners. Her beginners must have followed her advice-because they won.