AW Marion - Spring 2005

Sunday was a beautiful day in the Morning although it was cold the sun moderated it nicely. Unfortunately as the day went on the clouds came and took some of that sunny warmth away.

We had a small turnout for the Course Setting Workshop. It was just Earl, Karen, Heather and I discussing my philosophy on course maps. Karen has already entered her courses in the course setting competition, and I'll be judging those and giving my comments in a week or so.

In spite of the cooler temperatures we had a reasonable turnout Sunday. The course consisted of 25 controls worth a varying amount of points based on the distance from the start around the south side of the lake. There were 12 points within the first kilometer, 4 within two kilometers, 6 within three kilometers and 3 more than three kilometers from the start, for a total of 50 points. The time limit on the course was 90 minutes with 1 point being subtracted for each minute over time.

Here are the results:

Although 4 people did circumnavigate the lake everyone did it counterclockwise. It was a topic of discussion among people before they started but no one opted for the clockwise circumnavigation. Although I don't know for sure how I would have done it the clockwise circuit does have some appeal.

1. The longest running leg is at the start when you're fresher.

2. going downslope at control OR easier than going upslope there (minor point).

3. would pick off highest point controls first

4. would allow more decision on which 1 point controls to go after