AW Marion - Spring 2006

Results - AW Marion

April 8, 2006

Although it was overcast at the beginning of the day, the sun came out and made it nice day, except for the cold wind! Although Earl Reisinger designed 5 courses: White - 2.1K, Yellow - 2.7K, Orange - 3.5K, Green - 4.6K, and Red - 6.4K, we didn't have a very big turn out and only 3 of the courses were used.

We had 2 runners from the Dayton area whose names we didn't get since they showed up right as we closed down the starts. They went ahead and ran the Red course, although we had started to pick up by then.

Thanks to Mark Swies and Heather Hawkins for picking up some of the controls as they did their courses. Thanks to Karen Rogers for helping with instruction and registration. Thanks especially to Earl Reisinger for designing and setting the course. Also thanks to Bob Huebner for placing some of the further controls on Friday.

White Course - 2.1 Km

Charles Haldeman family


Red - 6.4 Km

Chiori Shimizu

Mark Swies