John Bryan State Park - Spring 2010

John Bryan State Park

April 25, 2010

Weather: 60° & rainy

Attendance: 51 in 37 groups

Aside: Those compiling event stats for USOF recharter purposes should split the number of groups between MVOC and COO to determine "number of starts".

The John Bryan State Park event was co-sponsored by MVOC and COO. It was held on a new map produced by Sergei and Alexander Preobrazhensky, and Alexander designed the courses. MVOC supplied maps, secured the activity with the state park, and handled registration.

Everyone seemed to have a good time except for the rain. It made footing unsteady on the steep slopes and rock features, of which there are many.

OT = Overtime

DNF = Did not finish (number of controls visited)

DSQ = Disqualified

Matt Bond & Alexander Preobrazhensky

Meet Directors