Alley Park - Autumn 2005


Alley Park - December 11

The turn out for our annual PotLuck and Scrooge Orienteering was a little light this year. Next year we'll have to try and have it earlier and avoid conflicting with other holiday parties.

Because of the low turn out we dispensed with the Scrooge, so no one had to relinquish their map to the Scrooge this year! There were 26 controls set along the 2 ridges around the lodge and in the open area at the front of the park. On 10 of those controls there were prizes or glow sticks. Whoever got to the control first collected a prize. Prizes were also given to those who got the glow sticks.

As usual Alley Park was lit up with their holiday lights and the view from the ridge was spectacular even having to deal with the snow!