Camp Lazarus - Autumn 2008

Camp Lazarus Results

December 7, 2008

Although there was about an inch of snow on the ground the day was nice for our last orienteering meet of the year. Karen designed both a White and Yellow course, unfortunately only the White attracted competitors. I also designed a Brown course a few people completed.

Thanks to Karen for designing the course, setting controls, working registration and helping pick everything up. Thanks also to Earl and Heather for helping to pick up controls.

-- Alan

White Course 1.3 K

Schroeder Family 30:59

James,George,Tyler BS 843 34:57

Skyler Gibson 49:00

Watkins/Benton 42.35

Caterina/Tom 66.06

Brown Course 4.3 K

Shin Shimizu 52:44

Chiori Shimizu 57:12

Yoshi Shimizu 68:43

Earl Reisinger 94:30