Alley Park - Spring 2011

Alley Park, Lancaster

June 11, 2011


We had a nice day for Orienteering for our last event of the Spring. Our plans for a work day fell through but we had a good time orienteering anyway. Heather set three courses for us, a beginner, a short advanced and a long advanced. Although the undergrowth had definitely grown up it wasn't as 'green' as it can get yet.

Thanks to Eugene and Earl for helping pick up controls. Thanks to Heather for setting all the controls and helping with registration and pick up as well. Earl also helped with registration and instruction for the Scouts, thanks Earl!



Joe & Mary Sara Albert 49:05

Troop 410 73:00

Troop 410 - Daniel & Oscar 83:00

Short Advanced

Jeff Kline & Kim Wheeler 72:10

Long Advanced

Shin Shimizu 68:08

Chiori Shimizu 106:00

Todd Agee 111:00

Eugene Granovskiy 114:40