Maps and Mapping

Ohio Topographic Map Index - download at the bottom of this page.

Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program

Ohio Statewide Imagery Program (OSIP) Downloads - Source for State Color Aerial photography flown in 2007/2008 and LiDAR data flown at the same time. Images can be viewed with Arc/GIS Explorer (

- OSIP1 Data - 2006-2010

- OSIP2 Data - 2011-2014

Ohio Geodata Distribution (DLGs/DEMs/DOQQs/DRGs) - Digital Topo Files

  • DRG - Digital Raster Graphics - i.e. scanned USGS topo sheets projected to Ohio State Plane Coordinates NAD27.

  • DOQQ - Digital Orthophoto Quad Quads - i.e. BW aerial photography showing one quarter of each quad sheet.

Ohio's Location Based Response System - LBRS Data by County

On-Line Calculator for Current Magnetic Declination (

Lat/Lon to UTM (

UTM to Lat/Lon (

output of either above calculations also shows grid convergence.

Python script to convert USGS DLG-O files to DXF (requires Tkinter and ScientificPython) - Download at the bottom of this page. A new version has been uploaded that fixes a problem with the indexing of the Nodes and Areas of the DLG. Even though nodes and areas are not written to the DXF file this threw off the line exports. A new version of the self extracting zip with the correct libraries will be upload later (alan-10/19/2017)

Self-extracting zip of Windows executable of above script. Extract to a directory and then run the dlg.exe file in that directory. (All necessary files included, no need to install Python or Tkinter or ScientificPython) - Dowload dlg.exx below and rename to dlg.exe to execute.

Python script to convert ESRI GRID DEM to XYZ DEM. (requires Tkinter) - Download at the bottom of this page.

Self-extracting zip of Windows executable of above script. Extract to a directory and then run the grid2xyz.exe file in that directory. Download grid2xyz.exx below and rename to grid2xyz.exe to execute.

* IOF Control Descriptions - learn what all those little hieroglyphics mean

* ISOM Symbol Index - International Symbols for Orienteering - descriptions, definitions and specifications of O-map symbology

TopoZone - online topographic maps

myTopo - Custom-build a printed topo or aerial photo map. Center your seamless map online, customize with titles, navigation grids, and your name, and we'll print and ship your maps on waterproof, tear-proof paper.

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