2014 Schedule

April 26 -  AW Marion State Park.

May 18 - Delaware State Park.

June 7 - Work Day - National Trail Days - Alley Park, Lancaster, OH.

National Orienteering Week - (Sept) - Date TBD - Battelle Darby Metro Park.

October 25 - Goat Event - Great Seal State Park.

November 16 - High Banks Metro Park.

All Events Subject to Park Approval. 

To Volunteer for Meet Director or assistance at a meet please contact Earl Reisinger.

Register and Start anytime between 11AM and 1PM, unless otherwise noted

Chestnut Ridge Metro Park Results
March 30, 2014

         Mr. Devoe, Bella, Allie and Brandi    54
         Grace and Kennedy                         63
         Owen, Ty and Ryan                         71
         Henry and Scotty                             87

        Caterina Svobodny                             64
        Kline group                                         92
        Brian, Seth and Jared                        104
        Jerry Gundrum                                   125
        Jace and Tyler                                    159
        Alan Edmonds                                    103
        Heather Hawkins                                138

        Tom Svobodny                                    51
        Chiori Shimizu                                    68
        Shin Shimizu                                      71
        Michaela Maresovi                              80
        Shane Dewalt                                     109
        Bill Greenwell                                      138
        Aaron and Scott Shambrock               146

Alexander's Photos from Beginner Meet - Sept 7, 2013


Alexander's Pictures for the Goat Event  



 What is Orienteering?

(from the Orienteering USA website.)

Orienteering is a competitive international sport that combines racing with navigation. It is a timed race in which individual participants use a specially created, highly detailed map to select routes and navigate through diverse and often unfamiliar terrain and visit control points in sequence. Courses also can be enjoyed as a walk in the woods, with difficulty levels from beginner to expert offered at most events.

More about Orienteering.