2020 Schedule

Dec 5 - Saturday - Alley Park - Lancaster, OH.

All Events Subject to Park Approval. 

To Volunteer for Meet Director or assistance at a meet please contact Earl Reisinger.

Register and Start anytime between 11AM and 1PM, unless otherwise noted

Alley Park
Lancaster, OH
December 5th and 6th.

Our last self time,no punch,no touch event of 2020 will be at Alley Park on December 5th and December 6th.

We will have the four standard courses:
White (beginner)
Yellow (Adv. beginner)
Short Advanced 3.3 km
Long Advanced 3.8 km

The courses will be available on Saturday during daylight hours and on Sunday until 3:00 p.m.when we will start picking up the controls.

For maps, email Beth Maclehose(bmaclehose@gmail.com) and also with your time if you would like it posted in the results.

If you decide to go at the last minute the maps will be available from a link on our Facebook page sometime on Dec. 4th.

Course conditions:

The woods are open and leaves are covering most of the trails as well as some of the cliffs and boulders.

Use caution around the cliffs and boulders as they can be slick when dry but with rain in the forecast they can be very slick.
With the geology of the park with the ridges surrounding the main valley area there is more climb than at most of our other event locations.

Directions:             2805 Old Logan Road, Lancaster, Ohio 43130

From the SR 33 bypass take the Tarkiln Rd. exit and turn left at the end of the ramp. In a short distance turn left on Old Logan Rd.  The park is about two miles on the left.

Chestnut Ridge Metro Park
November 15, 2020

Our next do it yourself event will be at Chestnut Ridge Metro Park on Sunday, November 15th.

This means no contact with the controls, no card to punch, and you will time yourself.
There will be four courses.

1. White     length 1.5 km                 climb   10 m
2. Yellow    length 2.5 km                climb   65 m
3. Advanced short     length 3.1 km climb  125 m
4. Advanced long      length 4 km    climb  150 m

For a map,  email us at coorienteers@gmail.com.
Specify which course or courses you would like and it will be emailed back to you.


1. You can orienteer from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Controls will be removed starting at 3:00 p.m.
2.Please don't enter the out of bounds areas. Those are the purple striped areas on the map.
3.Please practice social distancing.
4.To verify that you are at the correct control, make sure the ID number on the clue sheet printed on the map is the same as the ID number on the placard on the top of the control.
5. White course participants please watch for cars when you cross the park road and parking lots.
6. Enjoy  orienteering.
7. If you would like to have your time posted in the results, email your time to Beth Maclehose (bmaclehose@gmai.com)

Directions to Chestnut Ridge Metro Park

8445Winchester Road N.W.
Carroll, Ohio 43112  

From I-270, take U.S. 33east toward Lancaster.
Go about 11 miles and turn right on Winchester Road (Carroll, Ohio traffic light).
Entrance is about 3 miles on the left.

Sharon Woods Results
October 24, 2020

White Course 1.7 km
Rainbow Chicken Tardis 52:00
Team Turtles 31:23

Yellow Course 2.5 km
Sons of Liberty 80:00

Orange Course 3.8 km
Beth and Montana 82:00
Temple & Payne Families 86:56
Earl Reisinger 133:00

Green Course 5.1 km
Shin Shimizu 76:27
Chiori Shimizu 81:2
Mark Swies 102:00
Kevin & Jane 159:00

Sharon Woods Metro Park
October 24 - Saturday

On October 24th we will have a do it yourself no touch event.
There will be four courses: White 1.7 km, Yellow 2.5 km. Orange 3.5 km and Green5.1 km.
You time yourself and no card to punch.
Send your time to coorienteers@gmail.com if you want and we'll post the results.
The controls will be available between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
The controls will be picked up starting at 3:00 p.m.
Email us and let us know what map you would like and we'll email to you.
                  From I-270 take the Cleveland Avenue North exit.
                  Entrance is half a mile on the left.

2020 Schedule

September 26 -
Saturday - Great Seal State Park - Chillicothe, OH. - Cancelled - The park is not issuing permits for the fall.
October 24 - Saturday - Sharon Woods Metro Park - Westerville, OH.
November 15 - Sunday - Chestnut Ridge Metro Park - Carroll, OH.
December 5 - Saturday - Alley Park - Lancaster, OH. - Night Score O.

         RESULTS FROM ALLEY PARK 12/07/19


Lost in Space, Bloomfield HS NJROTC  45:45
Jack Spear  49:00
Finding Neverland, Bloomfield HS NJROTC  49:15
Michael Jewell  50:15
Katherine Shumeker  51:45
Sean  55:58
Troop 241  59:20
Tyler and Quinn  65:30
Bates Family  70:42
Collier Family  84:00
Drew Comtois  dnf

Troop 136 Team B  64:50
Nate Cleaver  65:40
Peter Fujisawa  69:52
Troop 136 Team C  75:50
Shemeat  84:05
Troop 135 Team A  84:50
Sara  98:25
Dragon Fly  104:30

Lev Gorlov and son  73:08
Alan Edmonds  89:55
Natalie  102:26
Team Dempsey  103:25
Daves  107:55
Alexander and Olga  108:20
Rachel Newcomb  132:45

ADV. LONG 4.0 km
Tom Svobodny  63:44
Jacob R.  78:50
Doug and Marcy  94:30
Aaron Shambrock 135:50
Laura Comtois Family 164:20

Team Dempsey 22 points

11/10/19 Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park Meet Results

1. White , 1.5 km, 6 controls

No  Name  Time
1 Jacob R. 11:00
2 Scott and Landon 12:30
3 Grandma's Army 15:30
4 Chip 16:00
5 Amber 21:50
6 Annie A. 23:30
7 Team Crocs 25:10
8 Purcell family 26:45
9 Chris and Mike 40:50
10 Werewolf 121 41:00

2. Yellow , 2.8 km, 8 controls

No Name Time
1 Laura and Drew 46:10
2 Sandy Y. 54:20
3 Kline family 56:45
4 Gleeson family 58:30
5 Team People 58:35
6 Jacob G. 1:07:35
7 Chip 1:09:25
8 Nea and 2 kids 1:10:30
9 Kevin and Connor 1:16:20
10 Ioulia and Anton 1:28:45
11 Werewolf 121 1:51:00
12 John and Debbie Madison 1:54:00

3. Advanced-Short, 3.6 km, 12 controls

No Name Time
1 Jacob R. 1:02:10
2 Team Walrus 1:03:25
3 Amanda and Jim 1:14:15
4 Alan Edmonds 1:29:30
4 Alexander Preobrazhensky 1:29:30
6 Annie and Kenny 1:32:10
7 Lost in the Maze 1:37:23
8 Earl Reisinger 1:38:45
9 Kris and Tom 2:10:10

4. Advanced-long, 4.9 km, 17 controls

No Name Time
1 Mason family 1:15:40
2 Levgorlov family 1:55:03
3 Dave Robinson 2:45:35

This Week Community News

Our club had an article and two nice pictures in This Week Community News.
You can click on the link to see the article and pictures.


2019 Schedule Announced!

March 16 - Saturday - Slate Run Metro Park - Canal Winchester, OH.
April 13 - Saturday - AW Marion State Park - Circleville, OH.
May 11 - Saturday - Park of Roses, Clintonville, OH.
June 1 - Saturday - Sharon Woods Metro Park - Westerville, OH.
September 14 - Saturday - Three Creeks Metro Park - Groveport, OH.
October 13 - Sunday - Great Seal State Park - Chillicothe, OH.
October 26 - Saturday - High Banks Metro Park - Lewis Center, OH.
November 10 - Sunday - Battelle-Darby Creek Metro Park - Galloway, OH.
December 7 - Saturday - Alley Park - Lancaster, OH.


 What is Orienteering?

(from the Orienteering USA website.)

Orienteering is a competitive international sport that combines racing with navigation. It is a timed race in which individual participants use a specially created, highly detailed map to select routes and navigate through diverse and often unfamiliar terrain and visit control points in sequence. Courses also can be enjoyed as a walk in the woods, with difficulty levels from beginner to expert offered at most events.

More about Orienteering.