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    • Cayugabirds-L (web view), hosted by Cornell University, generates daily sightings of birds in the Finger Lakes region (with a focus on the Cayuga Lake Basin), as well as lively discussions on bird behavior, identification, habitat, and more. For more information contact list owner Chris Tessaglia-Hymes. Cayugabirds-L is not directly affiliated with the Cayuga Bird Club.

    • Cayuga-RBA is a SMS-based rare-bird alert (RBA) system for the Cayuga Lake Basin.

    • NYSBirds-L (web view), also hosted by Cornell, has the same function as Cayugabirds-L but covers the entire state of New York. Chris Tessaglia-Hymes also serves as list owner of NYSBirds-L.

    • Geneseebirds-L and Oneidabirds-L serve nearby regions that partially overlap the Cayuga Lake area.

    • Rare Bird Alert Birdbox. (315) 637-0318 is the official bird sightings hotline of Onondaga Audubon. Transcripts are posted to the Cayugabirds, Oneidabirds, and Geneseebirds mailing lists.

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