East Ithaca Recreation Way

The area along this paved path is not heavily birded during most of the year, but during spring migration, it often plays host to a very nice selection of migrant warblers, thrushes, and cuckoos. There are two major segments to the recreation way: one running from Game Farm Road to Judd Falls Road, and another that starts off of Mitchell Street and extends to Honness Lane. The Game Farm-to-Judd Falls stretch is best known for its migrant warblers, and is also home to breeding birds like Yellow Warbler, House Wren, and Wood Thrush. The Mitchell-to-Honness segment is perhaps best known as a stepping-off point to the famed Hawthorn Orchard. To reach the East Ithaca Recreation Way:

From Day Hall on the Cornell University campus, follow Tower Road to its other end, where it meets Rt. 366. Turn left on Rt. 366, and proceed about a half mile to Game Farm Road, opposite the Statutory Fleet Garage. Turn right on Game Farm Road, and follow it slightly less than a mile. As you approach a dip in the road, the parking area for the recreation way will be on your right. This stretch of the trail extends over Judd Falls Road, and then turns sharply to the left, eventually coming out on Maple Avenue. Turn right on Maple Avenue, and walk to the Maplewood Apartments, on the opposite side of the street. In the vicinity of the apartments, the path resumes, heading to Mitchell Street. When you reach Mitchell Street, there will be a large black building on the opposite side of the street. The path continues behind this building. This stretch of path can also be easily reached from East Hill Plaza. From the plaza, take Mitchell Street about a half mile, and the large black building will be on your left.

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