Comstock Knoll

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Located on the Cornell University campus, Comstock Knoll is one of the few known breeding localities for Pine Warbler in the Cayuga Lake Basin. Starting in early April, the lazy trill of this species can be heard coming from high up in the red and white pines situated on the knoll. Birders should use caution in identifying "heard only" birds here, though, as Pine Warbler is not the only "triller" that can be heard at Comstock Knoll. Chipping Sparrow also breeds in the immediate area, and at least during the month of April, Dark-eyed Juncos are found singing here as well. This site is visited primarily to see Pine Warbler, but during spring migration, observers have also noted migrant Nashville Warbler, Black-throated Green Warbler, and Yellow-rumped Warbler.

To reach Comstock Knoll:

From the Cornell Dairy Bar (at the intersection of Tower Road and Judd Falls Road), take Judd Falls Road north for a short distance, exit right, and turn right onto Plantations Road, passing under Judd Falls Road. The driveway for Comstock Knoll and the Plantations Headquarters will be the first (and only) right on Plantations Road.