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Convert selected texts to Mtexts individually.
AutoCAD command TXT2MTXT can convert and combine selected texts into a single Mtext.
But most of time what we need is to convert them individually, so they stay at original place and we can edit them respectively.
In that case you have to convert text one by one manually.
Now you can get TMTI to do the repeated work for you.
Ensure you have AutoCAD Express installed before using this applicaiton.
Command: TMTI
You can set up options with TXT2MTXT before using TMTI.
1. It will try to load TXT2MTXT if it has been loaded and following texts will appear, please just ignore it.
Select text objects, or [Options]<Options>:
Conversion failed.
2. If Express Tools is not installed, it prompts: TXT2MTEXT function is not avaiable. Please install AutoCAD Express first
3. It may not work in AutoCAD 2010, refer AutoCAD Discussion Group "Looking for lsp that converts text to mtext"