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Convert block to Multi-view block (MvBlock) simply by right click it!
Command: B2MV
B2MV will create a new Multi-view block with the same name as selected block.
If a MvBlock definition with the same name exists, You can either replace selected block with existing MvBlock, or create a new MvBlock definition to replace it.
The new MvBlock name is created automatically, based on selected block name, with a number suffix.
New Multi-view block comprises the selected block as its view block in current display sets. You may add more view blocks or change the display sets later.
Selected block will be replaced with new MvBlock with all its properties remained, such as insert point, scale, rotation, layer, colour, linetype, etc.
If there are more than one instance of selected block in current drawing space, it will prompt:
More than one block "(block name)" exist. Replace rest: All/Select/<None>:
You can replace all blocks with the same name with new Mvblock by select option "All", or only replace a few with option "Select", or just replace the block selected before by select option "None"(default option).
That function is very useful when you have to replace plenty of blocks with a MvBlock.
If some of selected blocks are on locked layer(s), new MvBlock will be inserted as usual but those blocks will remain in the drawing.You will get the report from B2MV in such case.
1. How can I replace all blocks named "A" with Existing MvBlock named "B"?
Step 1: Use B2MV convert all block "A" to MvBlock "A"
Step 2: Right click one of the MvBlock "A" and select similar
Step 3: Ctrl+2, from the Property panel, select MvBlock "B" for all selected MvBlock "A"
2. You can also add it to your shortcut menu as shown below. Select the block first, then right click it, from the shortcut menu select "Convert Block to MvBlock"(or whatever you defined in the menu item). Please refer to AutoCAD help file to find out how to add it to the shortcut menu, or send a email to us to get detailed help on topic "How to add MvBlock command to shortcut menu".
1. Assign an active displayset to current layout before using B2MV, especially when you start from a draft template such as acad.dwt.
2. Verify if the displaysets setting of "Multi-view Blocks" is active in current displayset, in some cases MvBlock display is turned off in current displayset. In that case, new  MvBlock inserted by B2MV is "dispeared" because all MvBlocks is hidden in current display set.
3. The effect is unpredictable if use B2MV to convert Xrefs or dynamic blocks.
4. The scale of new MvBlocks may differ from selected block if it is an annotative block.
       You can add B2MV to your shortcut menu
      B2MV has been selected as "This Quarter's Pick" on Dec 2009 by ARCHIdigm
      18 Mar 2011, codes optimized
      10 Feb 2011, bugs fixed
      14 Jan 2011, bugs fixed
      23 Dec 2010, bugs fixed
      06 Apr 2010, bugs fixed