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Print multiple drawings with same background but different titles reading from an excel file.
It can also create many copies of the same drawing with file names reading from an excel file.
If there are thousands of drawings to be printed which have the same content except a few differences in title, such client name, address, phone number, etc, are you going to spend a whole week to create thousands of drawings and then publish them?
With ExcelPlot, you can do it in a few minutes.
Download ExcelPolt.zip and extract files to a folder then follow steps below.
Prepare an Excel file which contains a few columns of data representing different title to be shown in different printing. (Number of fields is limited to 10 maximum, so maximum 10 data column valid in Excel file as well, extra column will be ignored. Attached ExcelPlot_data.txt is just an example)
1. Load ExcelPlot.vlx in the drawing (Command: Appload)
2. Command: EXCEL_INITIAL (It will set up Variable 0_0, 0_1, ... 0_9 automatically)
3. Insert a 'field" in the drawing which contains a "LispVariable links to variable 0_0.
4. Copy the field as a new one, double-click the new field to open the content editor, double the content again to open the filed editor and link the new field to the next Lisp Variable eg. 0_1
5. Repeat step 4 to insert all fields and link them to respective variables.
6. Adjust the property of the field and move it to right place. Ensure the drawing is ready to print.
7. Convert the Excel file to a TXT file.
8. Open ExcelPlot_Cmd.lsp and edit it to suit your print settings, you need test it and ensure it works ok before next step.
9. Command: EXCELPLOT
   It will prompt you select the txt data file you save in step 7 and then prompt you select the plot setting file in step 8.
There are 2 example lsp files in the zip file.
ExcelPlot_Cmd.LSP can be used as a template to plot files.
ExcelPlot_Cmd1.LSP can be used as a template to save drawing copies.
Change 0_0 to 0_1 if the drawing name is saved in the second column of the excel file, change it to 0_2 if it is in the third column, etc. You can also change the directory in the code.
2014.06.21 Able to create copies of the current drawing.
2013.08.18 Resolved an issue in registration procedure.
2009.09.25 First upload