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Use all circles or plines on a certain layer as selecting boundaries and select objects inside them with WP or CP option.
Objects in the final result are selected. You can use excute any command such as "erase" on them.
Valid boundary objects are LwPolyline and Circles.
Selecting mode [Wp/Cp] <Cp>:
Select "Wp" to use Wpolygon method to select objects inside all boundaries.
Select "Cp" to use Cpolygon methond to select objects inside and crossed with boundaries.
Find all circles/Polylines on same layer as selecting boundary? [Yes/No] <Y>:
Select "Yes" to find boundary objects based on layers of selected objects.
Select "No" to only use selected objects as the boundaries.
Pick a circle/polyline:
Pick a circle/polyline:
Pick up objects until Enter or right-click.
Checking entities: xxx of nnn
It shows a progress indicator in the command line window.
xxxx entities are selected.
It shows the summary at the end and highlight selected objects.

Select 3 objects on Layer 1, Layer 2, and Layer 3 respectively.

It finds out all circles/polylines on these layers and select objects inside them. Selected objects (small circles in blue) are put in the "Previous" selection set and you can use "P" at "select objects" prompt of any following command to select these objects.


Small circles in blue inside circles/polylines have been deleted with "erase" command.

1. It doesn't check if Pline is closed or self-intersected.
2. When a Pline boundary with "Fit" or "Spline" modification as the boundary, the selection result may not be accurate.
3. More entity types such as ellipse or closed spline may added in the future updates.
4. Ensure current layer is turned on and unlocked.
Trial version is limited to 5 boundaries.
Please simply contact 3wood.CADKITS@gmail.com to get the FREE registration to remove the restriction. 
27.05.2016, Fixed a bug when select certain polyline with arcs.
11.03.2016, Able to correctly select objects in LWPolyline with arcs.
                    Set previous option choice as default in current drawing session.
16.03.2012, Objects in final result are selected and highlighted 
07.02.2012, bug fixed, selected objects highlighted.
18.12.2011, 1st version