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Open a drawing in the same folder of current drawing.
When you use "open" command to browse folders, AutoCAD doesn't provide an shortcut to browse the folder of current drawing.
Sometimes you may need click a score of times to get your destination - We hate more clickings with our fingers.
So use OPEN1 to browse the current drawing folder to save your time and finger.
Command: OPEN1
It uses "Open drawing" dialogue box to locate file, as shown in Image 1 below.
There is another function (open1) in the routine, you can add it to a menu as ^C^C(open1);open; With this method, you can use standard open file dialogue in AutoCAD, as shown in Image 2 below.
1. There are two interesting button in the "Open drawing" dialogue: "Find File" and "Locate" (see image below). You may want to explore them for some fun.
2. To use function (open1), you need load OPEN1.vlx first, or load it in "Startup Suite".
Image 1: Dialogue box used in command OPEN1       
Image 2: Dialogue box used when using menu ^C^C(open1);open;

2016-08-13 Add dwt extension into the Files of type in the dialogue box.
2013-06-22 Use "Open file" dialogue to locate drawing.
Add (open1) function.