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CAD KITS dedicates to invent and develop fantastic routines used in AutoCAD and ZWCAD to make hard drafting works simple and easy. We donate our time and work for the orphans in the world and encourage our friends to be aware of the poor orphans. If you feel our routines are useful, please do not hesitate to introduce them to your colleagues and friends, many thanks!

We have thousands of users and most of them like our routines, see Testimonies from CAD KITS friends and Users all over the world.

This website was established on 14th September 2009.
We will update and add more fantastic CAD kits frequently.
The advertisements in our website are from Google AdSense, we hope it can provide some credits for our "Cards for orphans" project. 
All routines are unique, you are not able to find them anywhere else.
And the most important is, they are all FREE to download and use.
To get free registration and news letter, just email to: 3wood.CADKITS@gmail.com
Comments welcome.
Simply click the file name below to download.
Click the links on the left coulmn under "HOME" to browse detailed introduction of every routines.
All routines  are compatible with AutoCAD 2008 and later, ZWCAD 2012 and later / Window Vista and later, and most of previous versions.
How to find us? Just Google "CAD KITS". 
[Updated 28 June 2019] 
 Application Name  Description  Last update
Add up total length of selected dimensions.  30 Jun 2010
Add up total length of selected linear objects, provide count of same lengths, and add distance and bearing notations. 17 May 2013
Add prefix/suffix, insert text in certain positions, change numbers in sequence, change precision, change units of numbers, get sum of figures in selected Texts, Mtexts, Block Attributes, and MLeaders. Sort texts as left-right/up-down or along paths.  12 Mar 2019
Sum up the area of multiple rectangle shapes by picking two points diagonally Also can provide dimension, area, and perimeter information for individual rectangles 12 Jan 2012
Synchronise/update attribute in all blocks.07 Oct 2012
Wblock out all blocks in the drawing to a selected folder. 18 Dec 2015

Update block definitions from a selected block library directory. 08 Jul 2014 
Change the colour of contents in all Mtexts to Bylayer.   23 Dec 2009 
Change Z coordinates, thickness to 0 or randomly, change colour and linetype to bylayer or matching rules, change block definition, and more...  28 Jun 2019
 CNCOUTExport selected polyline and text inside as a dxf file named after the text content, for CNC machine. Text object is exported as polylines. 

16 Jul 2018 
Combine selected texts to a single text.  20 Jan 2010 
 DIVDIM  Divide selected dimension neatly by picking up points.
07 Aug 2012
Pick up two points and create a text of the distance beside the middle point of them.  08 Dec 2009 
Put selected objects on new layers named after their elevations.   08 Oct 2010 
Print multiple drawings with the same background but different titles reading from an excel file. 21 Jun 2014
Explode blocks and all embeded blocks, Convert attibutes to texts/Mtexts, and change exploded objects' layer and color as displayed. Trim off entities outside block clipping boundary or inside wipeout. Delete entities on turned-off or freezed layers.  12 July 2018 
Summarize the angle of selected line in 3 formats: fraction, percentage, and degree; Align UCS to nested line in block/xref; Rotate UCS 90 degree. 16 May 2013 
Copy Block with attribute(s)/Mleader/Mtext/Text and increase the text value in a number or alphabetic sequence.   03 Oct 2014
Insert standard steel section as a block 23 May 2011 
Draw a circle for the last part of a travel path to ensure the total length is fixed.   30 Sep 2010 
 LAYER10 very handy layer control utilities. 

16 Aug 2013
 LINEDENSITY Calculate line density as per a given grid and save the result to a csv file.
09 Jul 2011
 LINKPOINTSConnect points, circles and blocks with polylines automatically.

16 Dec 2018
Create block list sheets or print as a pdf file with file / block names under each block image from a selected folder or a dwg file.  11 May 2019
Replace blocks either by wildcard searching criteria or by selection.

21 June 2018
Create, restore and shift between named views very qiuckly, while keep the same zoom magnification factor.   22 Oct 2010 
Browse drawings in the same folder of current drawing to open it.    13 Aug 2016 
Quickly Rename Block including annonimous block by click it. 29 Jul 2011 
Use all circles or plines on a certain layer as selecting boundaries and select object with WP or CP option.  
27 May 2016 

Sort block attribute tag names in ascending order  14 Feb 2014 
Verify linear scale and unit of dimensions, chech if they match related viewport zoom scale and automatically fix mismatches.   14 Apr 2011 

Convert selected table contains of texts / lines to a csv file.
22 Jan 2015
 TILEPATTERN Create random tile patterns.

05 Jul 2018 
Convert selected texts to Mtexts individually.    08 Dec 2009 
Turn off xref by clicking it, then switch it on/off by enter twice.   02 Nov 2012 
Converts 2D AutoCAD entities into isometric entities 04 Aug 2011 

AutoCAD Architecture
B2MV            Convert block to Multi-view block (MvBlock) simply by right click it! [Updated 10 Feb 2011] 

Tips and skills to help you resolve headache problems in drafting.

Download the routine file, extract it if it is a zip file.
Use command "APPLOAD" in AutoCAD to load the vlx file.
Enter respective command in the command line to use it. In most cases the command name is the same as the vlx file name. But sometimes there are more than one commands in a vlx file. You can find the detail of all available commands in the individual introduction webpage of the routine on the left column under "HOME".
Add the vlx file to your "Startup Suite" can load it automatically when you open a new drawing.
Before you get the free registration code, you can try it as a trail version. Most trail version have the same function as registered version, but there are some pop-up dialogue boxes as registration process and "Cards for orphans" project introduction. Some trail versions have limited functions. Simply email us your Serial Number shown in the Registration dialogue box and we will send you FREE Registration Code as soon as possible. Once registered, there will be no more registration reminding dialogue boxes.   

The purpose of registration is to encourage users to support our "Cards for orphans" project.
You will get a free registration code valid to the end of this year. If you like the routine and want to get the free code for the next year, the only thing you need to do is to post a greeting card to us for an orphan.
We will forward cards received from all over the world and forward them to an orphanange on special days such as Christmas as a gift from "CAD KITS and FRIENDS". 
We have sent greeting cards to orphans in "Care for African Kids" since 2010.
We also sent greeting cards to orphans in Israel in 2014.

Should you have any inquiry, want to receive newsletter, or want to register the trial version for FREE, or want to join our "Cards for orphans" project, please simply send an email to: 3wood.CADKITS@gmail.com. We will reply as soon as possible.
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