00 - Welcome to Blackbluepen

Question 1: What is this?
A  website  to help you find some links where to practice and improve your level of English outside the classroom.
Question 2: What's in?
I have tried to create a sort of index so that you can find the works made by many teachers in an easy way.
I have also included some of the things made by me and worked with you in our classes at secondary school. 
Question 3: How does it work?
On the left column there is an index of the units worked in class.  Click on the Unit you want and .... there you are!!
Question 4: What can I find in each unit?
You can find: tutorials, grammar explanations, grammar and vocabulary activities,  listening and reading activities, videos, solutions to the homework, tests feedback, the planning of the unit and so on.

Question 5: How are the pages organised?
Well, in order to keep them as clear as possible I have kept the test frame, that is:
1- Vocabulary
2- Grammar
3- Reading Comprehension
4- Listening
5- Speaking
6-. Writing