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Doing good work for people is my passion, but being an inventor is my dream.
I've always known that I was put on this Earth to create things.
I have done that many times, and my imagination still runs wild with new ideas.


(I understand that investors are primarily concerned with the monetary aspect, and for that reason I will say....)


Who wants to get RICH!!!!! and this barely scratches the surface!!!!

My best ideas, are not on this site!!!

I just need one person with more money than they know what to do with, and a natural motivation towards making things that don't exist........I know that person is out there somewhere 

 Unfortunately, there is a better chance that I will be struck by lightning twice than become a successful inventor......It's pretty sad how a person with a good idea has to be rich already in order to realize that idea.............and since i'm not rich, i'm doing my best to get that way

I have never been able to afford to patent an idea, which means there is a definite risk to displaying my ideas in this way..........I guess my only hope at this point is that someone who appreciates one of these ideas, and actually has the means in which to somehow make it succeed, would have the moral fortitude to share the spoils with me in some way (It's what I would do if the shoe was on MY foot)...........

This plan will probably never work, but until I become independently wealthy, this is my only hope.............I guess the worst that can happen is that I never get anything out of this, and since that's what's been happening.........it can only get better!!!!!!