Billy Has Ideas

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I am still in the process of trying to straighten it all out...

but worst of all... animated gif images are no longer supported, which is what I primarily used to display my ideas...

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this entire site is under construction....AND IT PROBABLY ALWAYS WILL BE, so there may be sections that are incomplete


(This website is a demonstration of what people have to resort to when they can't seem to get anyone's attention any other way)

Doing good work for people is my passion, but being an inventor is my dream.

I've always known that I was put on this Earth to create things.

I have done that many times, and my imagination still runs wild with new ideas.

I've been inventing since I was born, and the reason I know this is because one

of my very first memories is of me asking my grandfather about an idea for

a fan that would spin forever because it powered itself... I remember him explaining

why those kinds of things are impossible... Of course I understand NOW what he

was talking about, but at the time, not so much

Nowadays my ideas are generally based a little closer to reality, but I will admit that my mind still wonders from time to time...

The point here is that I have to do something with all of these concepts, designs, and theories that keep rattling around in my head,

because it's obvious that I will always continue this behavior of constantly brainstorming about everything...


My ideas will increase your wealth!!!!

And all of my ideas aren't even on this site yet!!!

I just need one person with more money than they know what to do with, and a natural motivation towards creating things that don't exist........I know that person is out there somewhere

Unfortunately, there is a better chance that I will be struck by lightning twice than become a successful inventor......It's pretty sad how a person with a good idea has to be rich already in order to realize that idea.............and since i'm not rich, i'm doing my best to get that way