In addition to presenters, APPD welcomes Pagan-friendly entertainers. From musicans to dancers to story tellers and more, APPD supports area acts who wish to share their talents with the community. Please keep in mind that electricity is not available*, but we do not discourage those who can provide their own power; i.e. with generators. Performances should be family-friendly, respectful of all religious beliefs, and attempt not to interfere with simultaneous acts.

We can not afford to pay entertainers.  However, you are welcome to distribute business cards, fliers, and media as well as collect tips during and following your act. Entertainers wishing to make sales throughout the day should reserve a vendor space at a discount of 10% off the normal registration fee.

Please also understand that if your performance might be in any way considered dangerous or could be considered a sporting event, we will have to ask you a number of questions for our insurance. We realize these questions are annoying and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please complete the performer and presenter registration form if you wish to appear at APPD!

*The main reason for this is to limit the dominance of any one act over the entire grounds. So, even if you provide your own power, we request that you not be unduly disruptive of other activities that might occur simultaneously. That is, you should keep the volume at acoustic-level even though amplified. We do this to encourage people to interact more with and learn more about each other: performers, vendors, presenters, attendees and all!