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Schedule of Events (2010)

Schedule Summary

Please see below for event descriptions.


10:00-10:15 AM
Opening Ritual
Shelter Area
10:30-10:45 AM
Opening and Welcome
Workshop Area
11:00-11:40 AM
Belly Dance for ANY Body
Workshop Area
12:00-12:40 PM
Heathen Herbs - the Nine Herbs Charm
Workshop Area
1:00-1:45 PM
Main Ritual
Festival Grounds
2:00-2:30 PM
Drum Making, Use and Signficance
Vendor Site L27
3:00-3:30 PM
A Pagan Journey Weaving Our Webs
Workshop Area
4:00-4:45 PM
Ye Olde Thyme Revival
Workshop Area
5:00-5:45 PM
The McAlpin Brothers
Festival Grounds
6:00-6:15 PM
Closing Ritual
Festival Grounds
Performers at Large

The following acts will provide entertainment at various locations on the grounds during times between main presentations. Be sure to check them out while you're waiting for the next event!

  • Arthur Hinds
  • Cath & Embreis
  • Sulukule Dance Ensemble

Workshop Presenters

The following presenters will offer workshops for APPD2010!
  • Yngona Desmond: "Heathen Herbs - the Nine Herbs Charm"
    • The 10th century 'Nine Herbs Charm' is a true pagan, pre-Christian relic filled with herbal, magical and mystical wisdom.
  • Michael Redturtle:  Drum Making, Use and Significance
    • Come see demonstrations of the making of various drums and rattles while learning the importance and use of drums and rattles, particularly for peoples indigenous to the southeast.
  • Rajni: Belly Dance for ANY Body
    • Anyone can use the basic movements of Middle Eastern Dance, also known as "Belly Dance," to raise energy, connect with the body that you inhabit, and promote health and happiness. Learn some simple moves that you can start using immediately to awaken your Inner Goddess (or God). This workshop is appropriate for men and women of all ages; however, the instructor requests that minors be accompanied by an adult. The workshop includes a warm-up and cool-down. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.
  • Rev Pratus Ater Lupus:  A Pagan Journey Weaving our Webs
    • Rev. Pratus will be speaking about Earth Healers Temple. How it came to be and the plans and schedules that we will have. He will introduce our 13 laws/principles, how we worship, he will also  speak on the ultimate goal of the temple grounds and our very own Wizfest among much more. 

Registered Vendors

The following vendors have registered to participate in APPD2010!

Scheduled Performers

The following performers have registered to participate in APPD2010!
  • Arthur HindsCeltic Pagan music, story telling and general bardly behavior. Arthur is also a member of the band Emerald Rose.  He will have CD's available for sale.
  • Cath & Embreis.  Voice and guitar.  Folk and classical.
  • The McAlpin Brothers. Bluegrass band.
  • Sulukule Dance EnsembleMiddle Eastern dance.

Festival Policies