Schedule of Events

Entrance to the festival is free. However, Athens Area Pagans asks that you 
Bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to Project Safe.

The Athens Pagan Pride Day 2017 Schedule of Events needs you! If you would like to perform, present, lead a workshop, etc., please complete the Performer and Presenter Registration Form!  Vendors who also present get 10% off our already low price!

APPD isn't cheap to produce.  Please consider donating to APPD!

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2017 Tentative Schedule

Please see below for event descriptions.

5:00-5:30 PM
Opening Ritual
Festival Area
5:30-6:00 PM
Come Meet the UGA
Pagan Student Assoc.
Main Canopy
6:00-7:00 PM
The Performance of Ritual, by Circle of the Risen Phoenix

Main Canopy
7:00-8:00 PM
Main Ritual
Ritual Area
8:00-9:00 PM
Phoenix Rising
Main Canopy
9:00-9:30 PM
Main Canopy
9:30-10:00 PM
Closing Ritual
Festival Grounds
Roving Performances: Cath & Embreis


These are brief descriptions of the rituals to be performed.
  • Opening Ritual:  Participants in the opening ritual will walk in procession around the APPD festival area beginning at the northernmost point (the corner of College and Clayton near Subway), proceeding to the East, the South, the West, and back to the North, and then to the center. There will a brief invocation at each cardinal compass point and the center, during which deities and other powers will be invoked to bless and protect the festival area. This is a version of the common (though not universal) Pagan practice of casting a circle to create a space for a ritual, adapted for a large outdoor festival.
  • Main Ritual:  TBA
  • Closing Ritual:  At the end of the festival, participants in the closing ritual will again process from the north station, this time in reverse, going from North to West to South to East, back to North and then to the Center, to release the circle created in the opening ritual.

Registered Vendors

If you are interested in vending at APPD, check out our Vendor Information section for more information about how to reserve your booth.

Vendor site locations are listed at the end of the entry if known.  Please see also the Event Map.
  • Athens Area Pagans - Event Co-Sponsors.  A relaxed, informal gathering of Pagans of all Paths in the Athens (Georgia, USA) area. We have supported community gatherings since 2005 and are sponsors of the Athens Pagan Pride Day.  Our goal is to help local Pagans obtain the resources they need, whatever their Path.  (5B)
  • UGA Pagan Student Association - Event Co-Sponsors. The Pagan Student Association’s primary focus is community, advocacy, and education. Offering a non-threatening environment within our meetings where beliefs can be discussed openly, we strive to build a strong community on campus and throughout the world where pagans and non-pagans can learn, network, and have fun.  (5B)
  • AAP Free Store and Games - Games, activities, and swag for children of all ages! (5A)
  • Elemental Curiosities - Here at Elemental Curiosities, we have Quartz Crystals, Amethyst, Handmade Wire Wrapped Pendants, Pendulums, Ornaments, Dream Catchers and more! All for your Spiritual Rock Hound Soul! If it wasn't handmade by us, it was handmade by Nature! (11B)
  • Grounded Creations Ceramics - Grounded Creations Ceramics features beautiful and practical pottery of all sorts, including mugs, bowls, planters, and more! (7B)
  • Oracle 20/20 - Oracle 20/20 Magazine is a metaphysical publication that's ahead of its time. In this magazine you will find diverse articles featuring palmistry, hypnotherapy, and astrology, along with fascinating articles about health, environmental issues, spirituality, self actualization, and human potential. It's reading for those who like to think outside the box! (4B)
  • Oasis Artisans (Oasis Family Farm) - We are a family of Artists, we grow daily in our creative walk on our beloved Oasis Family farm. Just as varied and different as each other our various talents are as different as night and day. Formed from the same spark, we live each day creating our perfect beautiful world, in all of its imperfections. Featuring jewelry, semi-precious stones, smudge sticks, all hand rolled from white sage, and sacred herbs grown on our organic farm, by our artisans.  (9B/11A)
  • RockBelly Minerals and Jewelry - Offering crystal and mineral specimens, polished stones, and beautiful, handmade jewelry. (8A/8B)
  • Circle of the Risen Phoenix - We are an Eclectic Wiccan coven located in Northwest Georgia, active within a larger Pagan community. (4B)
  • Gryphon's Moon - Featuring Celtic and Pagan jewelry, leather bound journals, T-shirts, Pagan and fantasy cross stitch patterns, candles, sage, butterfly wings, and so much more! (1A/1B)
  • Earth Mother Handmades - Offering creative, quality wares, including handmade wooden decor and tie-dye items. (2B)
  • Closet Notions - Featuring a variety of handmade items, jewelry, pendulums, cloaks, hand-painted glassware, canvas, boxes, and whatever else we have a "Notion" to make! (2A)
  • Mad Alice Hatter Closet - Offering hand painted banners, gel candles, beaded jewelry, and soaps. (10A/10B)
  • The Wesson Project - We are a non-profit organization providing burial blankets for those who have lost a pet. We supply these blankets to local vets at no cost. (12A)
  • Stella Kenton Body Shop - All products homemade and homegrown by Stella Kenton! Featuring Holistic Skin Care for all your needs - body scrubs, lotions, salves all with different essential oil blends for different ailments! Also offering Mineral Lip Color, Dried Organic Herbs, and Organic Loose Leaf Tea Blends. (9A)
  • Energy Weaver - Lee and the Karens will be bringing lots to smile about. Crystals both hardworking and unusual. Really nice collection of Shungite, quality Moldavite. Lovely Jewelry to adorn your lovely self. Maybe a feather or two to fluff your fields. Please stop by and say hi so we can Merry Meet! (12B)
  • The Olde Ones, Inc - Featuring quality, hand made items made from various materials, including acrylics, wood, and plaster products, all carefully crafted with blessings and positive intention. (3A)


If you're interested in hosting a workshop, please let us know.
  • Come Meet the UGA Pagan Student Association! The Pagan Student Association's primary emphasis is community, advocacy, and education. PSA offers a non-threatening environment where beliefs can be discussed openly, striving to build strong communities, both on campus and throughout the world, where pagans and non-pagans can learn, network, and have fun. (5:30-6:00)
  • The Performance of Ritual, by Circle of the Risen Phoenix (6:00-7:00) - Have you ever been to a ritual that sizzled? One that left you energized or touched you deeply? This workshop is a behind-the-scenes look at ritual creation. Practice vocal projection, spatial awareness, prop usage, and more!

Scheduled Performers

If you or your group would like to perform at APPD, please let us know.
  • Phoenix Rising (8:00-9:00) - Come join Phoenix Rising for an enchanting hour of music and laughter! We'll be covering popular Pagan songs, with a few Celtic favorites thrown in for good measure. With bodhran and ukulele, you never know what might happen!
  • Cath & Embreis (Roving Performers) - Acoustic guitar and voice duo plays folk, classical, and much, much more!
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